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Tie-dye Birthday Cookies

Bailey blowing out candles in her tie-dyed shirt!

My oldest entered the 2 digit world on Saturday.  She is now 10 years old!  She is an amazingly talented, spunky little girl and I wanted to make cookies that truly expressed her personality.  She loves tie-dye and bright colors so I thought tie-dye cookies would be perfect.  The only problem was I’ve never made a tie-dye shirt, let alone tie-dyed cookie!  I did a quick search and whattya know?  I found this amazing tutorial from the lovely blog of Sweet SugarBelle   It showed step by step how to make a tie-dye cookie.  I tweaked it a little and tweaked some cookies a lot for variety and they all came out so great!  For half the cookies I painted portraits of Bailey in her tie-dyed shirt.

Bailey’s class absolutely went crazy over them.  I’m sure it also helped that I arrived right as they were supposed to take a spelling quiz and the teacher decided to cancel the quiz so we could pass out cookies.  Apparently I have excellent timing.  The kids all compared the coolness of their cookies, “Mine is cooler than yours!” and there were some, “I can’t eat this!”  I’m so happy with how they came out and how very “Bailey” they were.

We extended the celebration by going to Anaheim for an Angel’s game on Monday and Knott’s Berry Farm on Tuesday.  We had so much fun!  Happy Birthday Bailey!

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