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The Adams Family (snap snap)

Maybe it’s because we are the Adams family, or maybe it’s because we love a good excuse to dress up, or maybe we really love to fill pillow cases full of our neighbor’s candy, but we LOVE Halloween!  So here goes:  this year’s edition of The Adams Family Halloween Extravaganza!  Extravaganza Extravaganza {that was an echo for effect}.  Let me introduce you to a couple of characters:

Meet, BAILEY!  The fierce Lisa Frank-esque neon tiger!
She likes balls of yarn and long naps in the glittery sunshine.
And once upon a time there was a medieval witch named SAGE!  
She likes to go for long walks in the forbidden forest looking for spider webs and frog toenails.
The next character crashing onto the scene is DENVER!  I mean Wreck-It Ralph!
He wrecks buildings by punching through bricks, but he wants to be a good guy and other stuff we can’t wait to see when the movie comes out this Friday!  
{Denver is not going to go trick-or-treating barefoot.  Those are paper mache shoes I made for him}
After searching high and low for overalls of any color in Denver’s size and failing, my mom whipped these up on her sewing machine today!  She is a genius!
And this supercalifragilisticexpialidotious couple are planning to have a practically perfect Halloween as Bert and Mary Poppins.  Mr. John and I will have more than a spoonful of sugar after we raid the kid’s trick or treat bags tonight!
So that’s what our Halloween looks like.  We always have a lot of fun and hope you enjoy a super fun and fantastical Halloween!  

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  1. Wow! The costumes are fantastic! I might get one trick or treater…so sad. But that's ok, tomorrow is COOKIE CON!

  2. Awesome! That picture of Sage on the left looks just like you, but as a beautiful blonde.

    Jill FCS

  3. Lovely costumes, and the make up….! Do you do kids make up too? Amazing, happy Halloween!

  4. Beautiful makeup and costumes all look amazing on haloween
    Have a wonderful weekend xo

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