Sugar Overload

I just finished a cookie marathon.  I didn’t realize what 200 cookies meant until this past weekend.  From scratch, start to finish, piping to flooding, to drawing each and every major league baseball logo on those cookie faces, and then lacing them all up with some red stitching.  Oh, I forgot to mention bagging them all up… and then selling my precious babies one by one.  I loved just about every minute of it.  (Okay, so I did hit a wall and get a little cookie cramp at one point, and maybe had a brief cookie coma, but overall it was pure bliss!)

I made these cookies to sell at our local youth baseball league’s picture day on Saturday.  Denver is on the Angels and I can’t wait to see his cute little baseball trading cards!  

I learned a lot from this baseball cookie baking marathon: 

  • red frosting is very hard to make!
  • I think it’s possible to get cookie lung from inhaling too much powdered sugar
  • food color markers are super cool
  • I now dream about cookies!

So it’s officially unofficial.  I am in the cookie making business.  Cookie McGoo has been born and Mr. John and I couldn’t be happier.  He has done quite a bit of research into the business end and what we need to do.  We are going to start by making cookies for family and friends or anyone who happens to want some incredibly yummy and fun cookies.  Like I said, I dream about cookies and I have so many ideas and shapes that I want to try!

Taking orders now!  

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  1. You are so amazing my friend! What do you charge for said cookies? That would be a fun treat for some occasion some time or another!! 🙂

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