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I have some of the nicest & cutest cookie friends! So I thought it would be fun for you to meet some of them. This month I’d like to introduce the very spunky, very talented Ashley Beebout, aka “Sugar Mama“. I first met Ashley (and her mom, Hi Mom!) at Cookie Con, but I really got to know her when she attended both the May and August “Party McGoo” cookie retreats. Let me just say…Ashley brings a lot of life to a party! I asked her to write about her “Party McGoo” experiences; here’s what she had to say…

I “Party McGoo” and you should too!

I’m Ashley, of Sugar Mama in Bakersfield, California, and I’ve always loved being creative.  As a busy mom of two boys under five, I love how being a cookier means that I can care for my boys, get my creativity on, and make people smile (because who doesn’t love cookies?!?).

Imagine, after a long hard day of cooking and taking care of the boys, with coffee in hand, I was browsing my social media only to see my cookie idol was having a retreat. First of all, Arty has always been my number one favorite cookier. She is an artist.  When I heard of a cookie retreat in the works, I was immediately on board. I have now attended the first two “Party McGoos” and let me tell ya why I had to do both

I, and nine other cookiers, arrived at “Party McGoo” where we were greeted by the lovely Arty herself and her fantastic assistant, Kim. The party kicked off with a swag bag, of course, filled with goodies and your official letter “M!”  This party was already off to a great start.

Calling it a retreat is an understatement!

Envision a whole day of cookie decorating where everything you need is prepared for you; you have no other responsibilities other than decorating cookies and having a great time (a well-deserved mom day off).  It was amazing to see all cookiers of different levels of experience and to learn from the astonishing Arty McGoo.

Liz starts by taking you step by step through each cookie design. Before you know it you have this amazing set of cookies you never knew you could create! Sitting around with other cookiers and seeing everyone’s different artistic abilities and ideas is refreshing. Eventually, it is a free-for-all and there are plenty of extra cookies so your creative mind can articulate all of your cookie visions.

You have tools and products at your fingertips that you might have never used or thought to use. When there are so many creative minds in one room you’ll start to learn things from others as well.

Plus, talk about being pampered!  While you are in a decorating frenzy, the lovely Kim is in the kitchen fixing something delicious for lunch.

As a bonus, there is decorating all day only to be topped off by cookie karaoke at night. Whether you are a singer or observer, it’s a fun time for all!  The cookie retreat took me back to my younger years of slumber parties with silly dance moves and nail painting. Lots of laughs and new friends were made each time I attended.

The second day includes adventures in Paso Robles, a small town with a lot to offer. Arty and Kim take you to their favorite shops and restaurants. There was always something exciting going on downtown. The first time I went there was an art festival and the second offered a trading day.

I left both “Party McGoo” weekends with new cookie friends and a ton of cookie skills that were a game changer to my business.  I can’t wait for the next “Party McGoo”!

Come join in the befriending, exploring, decorating and creating (did I mention the cookie karaoke?).  I look forward to meeting you the next time we “Party McGoo”!

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  1. Great article Ashley! I was so lucky to meet you at the first Party McGoo and so sad I couldn’t be there for the 2nd one. Looking forward to seeing you at CookCon!

  2. Darlene (Lil Darz Sweetz) Celestino

    Love your article Ashley! I had the best time at Party McGoo 2! Can’t wait til we are all together again!❤️

  3. Cindy Klempay

    Any tips on cleaning the water brush before changing colors?

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