Step Right Up!

It’s time to go to the circus!  Except this circus isn’t creepy and it doesn’t smell bad… Okay, I admit EVERY circus is a little creepy, but I promise 100% there aren’t ANY clowns… there are fun carnival games…  okay, you’re still a little hesitant, but what if I told you this slightly creepy circus is circa 1930’s á la Water For Elephants?

ALRIGHTY!  We have a taker here folks!  C’mon and step right up to see fantastical sights that will amaze and shock you.  Dazzle and delight!  {Vintage charm always trumps creepiness!}
While I haven’t seen Water For Elephants yet, I did read the book a while ago and the idea to do vintage circus cookie set has been marinating since then.  I’ve always felt there is something fascinating and a little disturbing about the circus and this novel did nothing to dispel that feeling!  

Sorry, I know that was like a billion pictures, but I couldn’t help myself!  I hope this carnival of mine struck the correct balance.  It should be equal parts intrigue and surprise with a dash of scary and a sprinkling of creepy?  And I kept my promise about the clowns!

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  1. I LOVE these -I have already shared them on Facebook 🙂

    If you like vintage circus themes, have you read The Night Circus? Such a wonderful book! I made The Night Circus cookies a couple weeks ago 🙂

  2. These aren't just cookies, they are ART!! (Bless your heart for no clowns though!) "Vintage" clown are even creepier!!

  3. Seriously Girl….WHERE do YOU find THE TIME?
    Your cookies never cease to amaze me, but these are outrageous. (AMAZING!!)

  4. Susie

    These are fantastic…I am a fan of old circus anything…even found an old cemetery last summer called Traveler's Rest where an entire circus train was buried after a fire in the 20's. It was cool and creepy….your cookies are spot on!

  5. Anonymous

    Is there any way for you to make a tutorial for making these amazing cookies? Are they freehand or with a kopykake. I really like the style you used to make them. Once again, amazing .

  6. Ti Bo

    thanks for sharing all those pics… I love pics! esp with all that creativeness!
    Glad to see you all had a fun time, but back home again! I missed your creative projects!

  7. Paula

    Beautiful whimsical and nostalgic cookies! I did not read Water for Elephants but I did see the movie and really enjoyed it. If they sold these cookies at the circus instead of popcorn the BIG TOP would have standing room only at every show 🙂

  8. TracyLH

    My eyes are giant as saucers, I have not blinked since I opened your page and I have to go get duct tape to hold my jaw up as it keeps dropping. These are absolutely STUNNING!!

  9. I'm with TracyLH. I can't pick my jaw up off the floor. SERIOUSLY?! Are you serious?! How is it possible to put that much talent on a cookie??? AMAZING! I was about to embark on an alphabet circus cookie today, and then I saw these…my head can't even imagine what you just did on those cookies! Job well done

  10. Call the doctor because we all have a case of "Jaw on the Floor!!!" I can't believe these are cookies! You are uber talented!!! WOW, there goes my jaw again!!

  11. Deb

    A most spectacular post! Refreshing and wondrous, too delightful for just cookies and milk. These circus cookies deserve a party!

  12. Rowaida

    Wow wow Liz amazing and gorgeous work I salut you. going to my pinterest and to RT on my twitter. Have a blessed day xoxo

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