Star Wars Cookies

 My brother asked me to make Star Wars cookies for a co-worker’s birthday and I was so excited.  The only problem was there was too much good stuff to make cookies of, so I went to the biggest Star Wars nerds superfans that I knew and asked what they most wanted to see in cookie form.  
Things that made the list but not the cookie sheet were:

Princess Leia (in slave girl outfit of course!)
tie fighter
Ton-Ton (the critter Han cuts open for Luke to sleep inside)
Rancor eating pig dude
Jabba the Hutt

Those cookies ended up on the cutting room floor either because they would be too unappetizing (can you imagine eating that slimy, sluggy Jabba?  gross!  or they didn’t make it because I really wanted to make sure I made a wookie cookie.  I was tempted to make a Leia cookie to see if I could, but this is a family-friendly place and that is just a little too much cleavage and chains for a PG rated blog.  
Thank you Mr. John and Gabe for being such big nerds fans and knowing all the names of every single character, how to spell it, and why they should be a cookie.  Hopefully the birthday boy agrees. 

May the force be with you!

P.S. FAQ: Yes, these are hand-painted cookies (with food coloring and a paintbrush)

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  1. Back in March when you first started painting on cookies you took my breath away with your first stunning attempts. Since then, every time you put brush to food colouring, you are raising the bar. You are a very gifted artist, whatever the medium you choose to work in.

  2. Ashleigh

    Okay, these are crazy brilliant! And I mean AMAZING! You take cookies to a whole other universe. Wow, that was cheesy considering these are star wars cookies. But my son is obsessed with star wars so I am by default an expert, and you have done star wars proud! I'm basically obsessed with your mad skills all together. I'm following this train for sure!

  3. Arty McGoo

    Paula, your comments are always so sweet!
    Thanks everybody.
    Ashleigh, I love cheese 😀 ALL ABOARD!

  4. BeccaBoo

    Your attention to the details is astounding!!!! I was especially impressed by your painting of the ship…oh man the name escapes me right now. Lame. Help me out Ashleigh. Any way they are outstanding in all ways great! May the force be with YOU!

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