Some cookies from this week

I had lots of fun cookie orders this week.  People are so creative with their ideas and I LOVE being a small part of their celebrations.  It’s always such an honor!  Below are a couple from this week:

Cookies for a 12 year old birthday slumber party.  All the girls slept in an RV.  So cute!

Graduation gift for a 4H enthusiast
Left:  ginormous dolphin cookie to celebrate 20 years of sobriety  
Right:  a woman turned 55 AND graduated college.  So cool

a ginormous sock monkey cookie… to celebrate sock monkeys of course!

More teacher appreciation cookies

 So many reasons to celebrate!

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  1. The Sheep and Flamingo's are killing me! They are so darn cute! Love Love Love! The old school RV's are so cute too. Makes me wanna go camping. You rock!

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