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Pumpkins, polka dots, and beanies oh my!

This past weekend we headed up north to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival.  It was a great drive… until we were about 8 miles away.  It took us ONE AND A HALF HOURS to go those last 8 miles! When asked about how the festival was, it’s hard not to factor in the horrendous traffic and the fact that Sage had to pee during that last hour 1/2 and there was NOWHERE to turn out or even go behind a bush so we discovered a new use for a gallon ziploc bag and the people traffic at the festival was so dense that Bailey got elbowed in the head countless times and Denver almost lost an eye and other unfortunate circumstances.

We enjoyed pumpkin soup, watched a pumpkin carver, saw ginormous pumpkins, and watched a pumpkin pie eating contest that Sage described as, “Ewww, that is gross!”  This was the largest festival I’ve ever been to and it was fun and there were tons of things to look at and do, BUT (that’s a big but) considering our misadventures I don’t think we’ll be making the trek again.  Here is Bailey on the way to the festival.  I love how her fashion sense matches her personality perfectly.  (Yes, those glasses are purely an accessory and aren’t prescription.)

Bailey is a colorful character

John offering me some pumpkin frozen yogurt

awesome garden store

Denver hitching a ride

This weekend we have some exciting plans as well.  Sage is turning 7 and we are throwing her a party.  I finished the cookie favors last night at 2:30 this morning.  She wants a 7Up cake since she’s turning the big SEVEN so I went with the color scheme of Cherry 7Up.  It should be a little crazy, but very very fun!

Sage’s birthday party details

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  1. However did you make the 'S' on the cookies? I love the polka dots! Have the happiest 7th birthday ever Sage!

  2. Dale, I piped them with a small tip and used candy melts. I printed out a bunch of S (what is the plural S???) and then put a piece of wax paper over them and just traced. Finish with sprinkles!

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