Papier Mache Pumpkins, Profusely Bleeding Fingers, and other news

I have been without my husband for 18 days now.  EIGHTEEN days.  That means two more to go until he comes home.  Mr. John got one of those all you can fly passes from Jet Blue and he has put it to good use; meeting current and prospective clients all across the country, interspersed with football games, baseball games and (at the special request of our kids) having a cupcake or four two at DC Cupcakes, all in the name of business.
So, what have I learned from my 20 days of flying solo?  The simplest way to put it is:  Life is easier, more fun, louder, and less stressful with Mr. John home.  I can’t wait for Saturday!

While he’s been away some things that haven’t happened… besides the uh… well, the obvious.  (blush) ahem.

  • I haven’t gone to bed before midnight.  (sometimes not until 3:00)
  • The television hasn’t been turned on, except to play the occasional movie or video game.  
  • We haven’t been reading the scriptures every morning (boo).  
  • And the mail hasn’t been collected.  Actually, it has, but I really really have to make a serious effort to remember it every couple of days or so.  That’s Mr. John’s job!  Don’t judge me.  

So, I’ve been working on my papier mache pumpkins and was finally to the carving part.  I happily carved out the face with my knife and moved on to the top.  All those layers of paper took quite a bit of force to cut through.  I was hurrying so we could get to Sage’s gymnastics class and I stabbed the knife right into my thumb!

Me:  “Awwww, shoot!”
Sage:  “What???!  Mom, WHAT?!” (hysterical crying)
Me:  calmly walking into the kitchen cupping/hiding my profusely bleeding thumb, “Nothing.  It’s OK.”  I take a peek and see blood dripping down my arm rhythmically with my heartbeat.  crap

Did I mention that Sage is super freaked out by blood and when she saw me cutting into the pumpkin she was already dreading the worst?  Did I also mention that the last time I saw a lot of blood (coming out of Sage’s crushed finger) I threw up?  I’ve never been known to get grossed out by blood before, but something about the ripe old age of 32 has changed that for me. 

There I am trying to wrap my finger while simultaneously hide it from Sage, while trying not to faint.  I sound like such a wuss!  Bailey brings me gauze and I quickly wrap it up tight, breathe deeply for a minute to ward off the naseau and off the 4 of us go to gymnastics.   

Now, here we are on Thursday.  My thumb is healing nicely, my pumpkins are painted, Sage has a fever, I have a nice migraine forming, it’s almost 6:30 and I don’t know what’s for dinner.  So many adventures and experiences while Mr. John is away!  Did I mention that I can’t wait for SATURDAY!?

Sage, my 6 year old, a couple of days ago
My pumpkin creations and cause for a near-fainting spell ha!

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  1. So let's cut (bad choice of words) to the chase… What did you do for dinner? I would have gone with McDonalds. 😉

  2. Such an extra-great photo of Sage on steps of S.Diego MB museum! Where did to middle pumpkin go? I only saw the smiley one & the scary one.~MomK

  3. Gross, is that your bloody gauze on the counter? 🙂 Kidding – they turned out so cute – as well as your other creations on different posts. Oh how nice it would be to have some artistic talent. Great job – love you!

  4. ha ha. ewwwwwwww! I did take a picture of my finger, but I decided not to subject anyone to that.

    @Mom, the middle one was hiding. It was just a little too precarious to stack all three with all those kids running around 😀

  5. Cari

    hahahha it is a long time after this has happened so I can laugh at it now. I am sitting down so I am officially weak reading it. I love reading your blog even tho I have read them b4. Love you Lizard!

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