Painty McGoo

Painty McGoo

Errmagerrrrsh! I am so excited!

Ever since I started putting paintbrush to cookie almost 8 years ago, I’ve been asked, “What paintbrushes do you use? What size should I get?” And if you’ve ever shopped for paintbrushes, all those numbers and brands and bristle lengths and handle lengths can get confusing! Then when you finally order some brushes that look right, you get them in the mail… and the scale is all wrong for cookies. Ugh!

Painty McGoo brushes to the rescue! I’ve picked my favorite size brushes that have my favorite length and style bristles, and the right length handles and made a collection for you. This set of 6 brushes has the variety and sizes you need to fulfill all your painty dreams and turn your royal icing canvas into a work of art.

Introducing the dream team:

  • 1 detail brush (for painting fine details)

  • 1 round brush (great for brush lettering and details)

  • 1 mini flat filbert (paint stripes like a boss)

  • 1 small filbert (the rounded edge makes blending and adding a wash of color a breeze)

  • 1 medium filbert (consider this the big sister filbert, she gets stuff done)

  • 1 large flat (great for adding texture or painting a layer of royal icing)

Take care of your paintbrushes and they will take care of you! Just like any paintbrush, don’t store the brushes bristles down or leave them in a cup of water for long periods of time or the bristles will fray. I love using my Painty McGoo brushes to paint using my palette of food colors…and I hope you do too! You can get yours here.

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  1. Hi Arty,

    I just received my paint palette and am in the process of filling it. I’m using all Wilton colours, as you suggest. I noticed that some are more gel like than the others. Would you recommend leaving the palette open over night to dry properly? I’m worried that if I close it too soon, that some of the colours might drop into the other ones.
    Also, if I can’t find the Wilton white Color dust, do you think I could use flower petal dust, but only the edible ones? Which brand of metallic colours do you recommend?
    Thanks so much!

  2. Hi-This is fantastic!! Is there any way you could tell us which brush is which by cross referencing the numbers on the handle? I’m fairly certain the large flat brush is the 1″ but would like help confirming the others so I can write it on the handle too. Thank you 🙂

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