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Painting on Cookies: A Fabulous Tutorial!

I always enjoy watching tutorials.  It’s amazing how much clearer things become when you actually get to watch a process in action!  I got a couple of requests to make a video tutorial and decided I better figure out how to do that.  I made a quick video two days ago with my 8 year old recording and though it was informative, Mr. John didn’t think it very entertaining.  I agreed with him and we did a little brainstorming and came up with the tutorial you see below.

If you don’t like cheese:  LOOK AWAY!  Better yet RUN.  FAST.
If you do like cheese:  This is as cheesetastic a tutorial as I could create, so enjoy!

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  1. just the right amount of cheese 🙂 i loved it. i had to watch as I didn't know anyone else painted cookies (my mom had us painting cookies back in the 60's …eek…)so wonderful to see someone else doing it too. love the blog and your gorgeous cookies.

  2. Awesome, beautiful, gorgeous! Both you AND the cookies. I so enjoyed the humor and the cookie decorating tip. Thank you!!!

  3. Best video EVER! I wish I had a video of Belle watching it. She nodded as you said yellow…said pretty rainbow, when you finished, then when you said to remember, it's sugar don't overwork, she had me repeat it, and then laughed as if pitting was the funniest thing she ever heard…then when you said did you have fun she nods and answers that her favorite part was the black dots on the rainbow cookie. ENCORE!

  4. That was one of the cutest how-to videos I've ever seen! And what a great concept. I have lots of fondant so I'd better get busy and bake some cookies so I can try this out!

  5. Liz, You crack me up! You and John are quite a team! I LOVE cheese!!!
    P.S. I actually have a palette plate which I have never used, but I'm ready to try!

  6. Awesome tutorial~ Can't wait to try it~ =D

  7. Liz this was seriously the most fun EVER! I LOVED LOVED LOVED this video and seeing how fun you are while you make your AMAZING cookies! I'm so in awe of you! Fantastic job and loved the tutorial. Keep them coming and keep up the cheese! It was SO fun!

  8. Awesome video. Loved it. And you're right, it's always easier to understand (for us "visual" learners)when you see it being done.

  9. This was fun, Your cookies are magic. I saw what you did for Sue and all I can say keep them coming!
    Thanks for the awesome tutorial.

  10. This was sooooooo fabulous…I officially love you more than ever now!!! And needed to let you know by finally commenting, instead of just stalking 🙂 your incredible blog!!!

  11. If they gave out video awards for blogs you would win hands down. You and Mr. John did an awesome job on this, was the most fun and educational to boot. My grand-daughter watched it with me and was laughing out loud at your special effects and the *nodding* camera. Thanks so much.

  12. Oh my goodness, will you be my mom?? (too bad you're not old enough) This is so darn cute!! Awesome job! You are going to HAVE to make some more videos!!

  13. I want to reply to each of you individually cuz you're all so dang funny! Must get more blog savvy so I can figure out how!
    *Brainstorming with John for the next tut.
    * I'll totally adopt you Glory!
    *I LOVE hearing about how kids react to it! That is sooooo funny and makes my day
    *I LOVE that you all love cheese so much and I appreciate every stinkin' comment. You guys are the best and are so encouraging I feel like I can never express enough how grateful I am! THANK YOU!

  14. How do you ever find the time to do these things? Next time I want singing and tap dancing! I know you can do it!

  15. incredible! youre adorable i really enjoyed watching that!!!

  16. Great tutorial! Are the cookies covered in fondant or royal icing as a base?

  17. tap dancing… I'm taking notes Dale 😀
    The cookies have a royal icing base. I've seen people paint on fondant and it seems to work great. I'd love to try that out!

  18. Oh man Liz, I was crying! You crack me up! Can we dress like this and talk like that when I come at Christmas, I don't think we could get through it but it would be fun to try! Awesome job cameraman!

  19. Fantastic!!! You are a great artist!!

    Congratulation from Spain and thanks for the tutorial!!!

  20. I can't wait to show my kids this video! I'm not sure who will enjoy it more, me or them. I have a daughter that LOVES to cook, she's going to want to paint cookies tomorrow when I show her this video. Thanks to you and your amazing cameraman for the tutorial. Now she'll know how.

  21. That was Great! You and John are too funny! PS-it was fun seeing you on Halloween!!!

  22. So glad I found this. You are so funny. I absolutely LOVED it. Your work is amazing and makes me GREEN with envy. My favorite color too!

  23. Absolutely "The Best" tutorial ever! Can't wait for the next one!

  24. 2 Questions:
    1. Do you use gel colors, which brand do you prefer?
    2. What sort of frosting to you use ont he cookie? Royal Icing, or was it fondant?

    Loved the video…you are awesomely silly, and it's so cool!!!

    1. !. My favorite brand for painting is Wilton's concentrated pastes.
      2. I use royal icing for the cookie canvas 😀
      Thank you!

  25. I am your biggest fan (not in a creepy way, just in a I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU way (okay, that is probably creepy! haha!)). Anyway, quick question…you mix your food coloring with water right?! Have you used vodka? Let me know if you have, and if so, why you prefer using water.
    Thank you!

    1. Soooooooo uncreepy 😀
      I do mix the food coloring with water, but I apply metallic powders using vodka. I like water because I always have water on hand (as opposed to vodka). Water has always worked for me, so I haven't tried vodka for the colors. Do you use vodka Tiana. And what do you prefer?

    2. I have used vodka, but like you, I don't always have it on hand. I've just heard that vodka dries faster and is less tacky and shiny in the end. I'll have to work with water more and compare for myself :). Thank you for the response!

  26. That was the most entertaining YouTube cookie Tutorial I have ever seen. I loved it!

  27. Watched this today with Fiona and when you asked at the end "What was your favorite part?" She answered "Painting!" and she smiled at me when you said "Mine too!" It was super sweet!

  28. Fabulous video….and, if you ever tire of painting cookies, I think you have a future as a Disney Princess….I'm thinking Show White!!

  29. I've watched your (very fun) video maaannnyy times and thought to myself, yeah right, I could never! But I finally gave it a try and while a may not be an artist, it was really fun! However, does it take forever to dry?! I painted them yesterday around this time and they're still wet! THANKS!!! Your cooking are simply amazing!

    1. I'm so glad you had fun doing it! It shouldn't take long to dry. I usually bag them right after I paint them. There are several reasons they are not drying: Usually it is because there was too much food coloring used. A little bit goes a long way. I put my food coloring out on a palette and I prefer to use them after they have dried out. It is just like using watercolors and I take the color onto my damp paintbrush. The other reason could be the brand. I find Wilton works better than Americolor for painting and it just dries better. After I'm done painting I will dust the cookie with a loose brush and flour to set. I hope these tips help!

  30. Okay.. you are AMAZING!!!! Every time I see some of your new cookies I am seriously blown away! I'm a cookie decorator as well, but I've only painted on cookies once:


    .. as you can see I used way too much food coloring and even after two days the black wasn't dry! How do you get a dark black painted? Do you layer? I would love another tutorial from you on painting!! Especially on some of your intricate cookies.. you are my cookie idol!

  31. I wish you could have your own show on Food Network. I can watch your videos and work all day! You are fabulous!!!

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