Over-haul on the Hall

Sometimes I like to pretend I can sew and I’ll pull out my sewing machine and go to town.  My efforts usually turn out like I plan.  It’s crazy.  I guess I’m a pretty good pretender.  Well, about a month ago I decided to pretend I could use power tools like saws and nail guns.  Guess what?!  It pretty much turned out like I planned!  I sawed and nail gunned and made myself a faux board and batten hallway for myself.  I found the awesome idea on the House of Smith’s and ran with it.  Check it out.  Shelley answers all the questions you could have about this kind of project.  What a great blog!

So, this is definitely a different kind of project for me.  Every step is pretty tedious, but I learned a ton from doing it and I love the result.  Now, I need something on the other wall.  The moral of this story is:  Don’t be afraid to pretend you can do stuff try new and exciting things. 

Please ignore the dirty, dusty footprints… I do

I have another frame for that blank spot.  Just need to get a pic of Mr. John and I!

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    You did an ahmazing JOB! 🙂
    Seriously I'm totally impressed!
    I'm DYING over your cute front door and your dark wood floors! SO jealous 🙂
    Thanks again for sharing this with me! It gives me the warm fuzzy's to hear that you were inspired by something on my blog!!!

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