Oh they say when you marry in June!

… You’re a bride, all your life!  
Does anybody know what the title comes from?  I’d love to know if anybody else sings this at the top of their lungs every June.

It’s WEDDING season!  It is that time of year when couples are feeling twitter-pated, holding hands, and dreaming about their beautiful futures that are filled with picket fences and 2.5 children.  Wedding plans are being finalized, hairstyles rehearsed and love is in the air!  This season also brings out the crazy bridezillas who are ripping their bridesmaids hair out and screaming at their floral designers, but let’s focus on the fluffy pink clouds and the monogrammed invitations shall we?

I am a part of a Brides magazine inspired collaboration.  All the cookiers were challenged to choose a page, ad, or feature from the May 2012 issue of Brides and turn them into cookies.  I have to say, being married {in JUNE!} 14 years ago I felt a little funny buying a copy of Brides magazine.  I almost told the cashier that it was strictly for research purposes and to reassure him that I was happily married.  I learned two things from that magazine:
1.  weddings are a lot different than they were 14 years ago!
2.  every single page was so gorgeous and inspiring, I was imagining all kinds of cookies and it was hard to narrow it down!  

So without further ado… here comes the BRIDE magazine inspired cookies.  pssst… you’re supposed to stand at this part!

I loved the colors and the textures of this Mediterranean inspired page.  I paired the colors and the gilding with the lace of the wedding dress in this set of cookies.  The lace piping is so fun to do because I feel like anything goes with the patterns and you can keep layering until you’re drowning in lace so I did a different random lace design for each cookie.  The lace married with the patterned gilded jewel tones is over the top in texture.  I’ve never done a tone on tone design before and it’s interesting when the texture and lines are the only focus.  A monochromatic cookie holds a whole different set of challenges and  I learned a ton doing these.

 texture overload yet?  I’ll try harder…


If haven’t gone into a textural coma yet, then I haven’t done my job.  There are so many beautiful Brides inspired cookies created by some of my friends who I am completely twitter-pated with and you have to check out all the gorgeousness… even if you’re happily married.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to renew your vows just so you can throw a fabulous party and use some of the amazing ideas out there.  A special thank you to Anne of Flour Box Bakery for being the evil genius mastermind behind this project.

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  1. You have such an amazing eye for capturing details. You are so incredibly talented, I would love to watch you decorate cookies. Absolutely stunning!

  2. I like a lot of texture. These are so pretty! The double cookies are my favorite. I love the way you connected the lace and the painted patterns!

  3. Sue

    AMAZING! My husband was looking over my shoulder and wanted to know who did these cookies?!? I was happy to tell him:) He was amazed too! Besides being an artist, you must have a very steady hand, patience and perfect eyesight! I'm in awe!

    P.S. How are you getting to CookieCon?

    1. Sue

      P.S. I almost forgot…The title comes from "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."

  4. Girl, you are amazing! I knew you could draw, but you also have the most perfect piping skills! Gorgeous collection.

  5. Milena

    What a sensational collection! You are truly gifted cookies artist! ♥

  6. Paula

    I loved this project idea. I am totally in awe of your beautiful hand-decorated lace cookies. Truly gorgeous.

  7. Deb

    Magicial sweet things! I don't know much about weddings trends either, but your cookies are festive and just irresistible!

  8. Anonymous

    I LOVE "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"! Great movie references and sweets, this is truly one of my favorite sites! 🙂

  9. Amazingly gorgeous cookies. Liz when I check your blog I go wow wow! Such amazing and beautiful work.
    Best wishes

    PS Happy Birthday to Bailey and Best wishes to her

  10. Avonlea Gardner

    I have three sisters and a mom who all adore following your incredible blog. We know you're busy inspiring the whole country with your amazing creativity, but I'm hoping you could take a minute to email me, I have a few questions. avonleagardner@gmail.com

    I love you,

  11. TracyLH

    So elegant and so absolutely perfect!

  12. Monica

    Your title is from the lyrics in a song featured in the movie/stage play "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" … great post, wonderful cookies!

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