New Home

You know that feeling when you’re moving, and the now empty house is all echoey and you realize how awesome your old house is, and how many memories you made there?  That’s how I feel about this blog.  This is where I started… where I discovered so many things, wrote silly things, wrote serious things.

I have a new home now that is shiny and new and big with everything linked together like my instagram and my twitter that I ignore and it even has a shop!  Exciting stuff, but I kept putting off writing this post over here.  I know the other place will feel like home.  I will fill it up with all my old furniture, maybe get a new lamp and it will be awesome, but this is where Arty McGoo was born!  Where she took her first steps, painted on cookies for the first time, and where she talks about herself in the third person sometimes…

So, this is me forwarding my address: {this is for the whole she-bang}  {this is for the blog}

I feel like I know which ones are the squeaky stairs and how the drawer in the laundry room falls off it’s tracks sometimes, but with the new blog it smells new and I don’t know where all the outlets are yet.  I think it would help if you visited me over there though.  Maybe bring a plant or just sit and have cocoa with me some morning.  That would make it all feel like home.
Signing off…

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