Never WonderLand

I’m sitting here in front of my computer, it’s past midnight, I’m eating some leftover coconut cream pie, and I’m composing a post about cookies.  How did it come to this?  I have a lot of cookier friends and I seriously think we are all varying degrees of crazy.  We cookiers are a diverse international community with a huge range of styles, but the thing that draws us together is sugar…. sugar and craziness.  Woah!  I just might have made a discovery here folks!  Maybe it’s the sugar inhalation that makes us crazy!

So, I think a lot about cookies.  I dream about cookies.  I have cookies I plan to make.  One theme that I have wanted to cookie for some time is Alice in Wonderland.  Imagine my joy when an old friend of mine (that makes it sound like she’s old.  She’s not: see?  She’s super cute and super talented) contacted me and asked if I could make some Alice in Wonderland cookies!  She also wanted Peter Pan cookies for her daughter’s birthday, saying that little Avi likes looking at the new cookies I post {flattery will get you everything!} and Peter Pan is her boyfriend.  Besides the fact that I REALLY wanted an excuse to make Alice cookies, and that Nemiha is awesome, the most important fact is that Avi is my most adorable blog reader; so of course I said yes!  
Though I love Disney’s Alice I decided to cookie Sir John Tenniel’s classic illustrations instead.  They are so charming and a little bit creepy just like the story calls for.  It was hard narrowing down the ones I wanted to do, but here are the ones I ended up cookie-ing:

These were so fun to paint!  The 5 year old in me wanted to color them all in with a big chunky crayon, but I decided instead that I wanted them to look like the book plus little pops of added color, but on an old page colored background.

When it came time to do the Peter Pan set, I knew I wanted to cookie Wendy trying to kiss Peter.  Avi’s crush on Peter reminded me of his countless admirers and how oblivious he is to all of them.  Wendy, Tink, Tiger Lilly, and all the mermaids in the lagoon; pining over dashing Peter!  I focused on the magic and fun and pixie dust.

Wendy:  But Peter!  How do we get to Neverland?
Peter:  Fly, of course.
Wendy:  Fly?
Peter:  It’s easy!  All you have to do is to… is to… Ha!  That’s funny!
Wendy:  What’s the matter?  Don’t you know?
Peter:  Oh sure.  It’s… it’s just that I never thought about it before.  Say that’s it!  You think of a wonderful thought!

Thank you Nemiha and Avi, I had an absolutely magical time making these cookies.

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  1. KarenB

    OMG these are BEYOND AMAZING!!!!! You are sooooooooooooo talented!!!!! I love how you used a little color in the Alice in Wonderland cookies to make them pop!!

  2. Paula

    Your talent continues to astound me. I am always amazed at the amount of detail you so beautifully execute on such a small edible canvas…with paintbrushes and food colouring! Both of these sets are truly indicative of your gifts and I am grateful that you are sharing.

  3. Wow just stunning. I have taken to painting on cookies too since I started following your blog. You are so inspiring. I'm even going back to my roots and taking an art course in the summer to improve my cookie painting. Thank you for introducing me to such a wonderful way to cookie.

  4. Wow Gorgeous! You are amazing and so talented Love! wish you a wonderful weekend

  5. Charlotte

    wow I've never seen cookies this intricate! Love them!

  6. son geniales da pena comérselo muchas felicidades y gracias por dar tanta luz a nuestros ojos

  7. Maria

    I absolutely love your stuff! I decorate cookies with RI, but I've never tried painting on cookies. I've come across your site several times when finding inspiration. I just found the Alice in Wonderland cookies while searching, and they have finally inspired me to give it a go!

  8. Tammy

    I am positively speechless! Your art is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could paint like this on paper let alone on a cookie!!!!!!! Inspiring !!!

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