McGoo U Online: September

“Trends Translated to Cookies”

Antlers, watercolor florals, brush lettering, metallic and glitter… oh my!

It’s always fun to look at fashion and decorating and dress up our cookie in the latest trends.  I took some of the themes I’ve seen lately and translated them into these super wearable designs for my cookies.  Who wants cookies that are “so last season”?  That last phrase is ridiculous for me to say because most of my wardrobe is stuck in the 50’s!  

In September’s McGoo U I will take you through all the techniques I used from piping, painting, a fun new way to create flowers and a brand new secret recipe for McGoo Glitter Gold that will knock your socks off!  Seriously, this stuff is amazing and the best part (drum roll) it will not budge or migrate (or whatever you want to call it when those pesky stray glitter particles get EVERYWHERE).  I also found a brilliant new toy that you are going to love.  I officially have one for every color and I’m constantly practicing and finding new uses for them.  

Once again you’ll find the handy dandy, clickable PDF with all the supplies needed to create along with me along with this month’s videos once you sign in.

Lots of new ideas and fun designs this month and it doesn’t end in the McGoo U!   The fantastical Nicole Cleghorn of Life’s A Batch is our visiting professor this month in The Expert Lab and showed us a brilliant yet simple marbling technique that is so adaptable for any occasion.  The fluid colors can act as the main event or plays nicely as a background and the method was done without bags, tips, or any fancy tools.  I love it when something so dynamic is this easy!  

Aren’t they beautiful?!  I love the fluid colors.  My mind is swirling with possibilities!  

Of course after we learn from Nicole we will sit and chat about her family, how this Houston cookier is fix in’ to someday post all the unshared photos of her cookie creations, and why she has a secret identity.  To see more of her beautiful work you can find her on Instagram and her blog  She also teaches beginning to advanced decorating classes so check out her Facebook for details on those!  

For After School we delve into the dramatic side of the cookie world in “The Real Housewives of Cookie County”.  There will be gossiping.  There will be high fashion.  There will be insults hurled and confessional cams.  Oh, and there will be cookies.  This After School special is one of our largest collaboration of 5 fabulous cookiers.  We let out our inner cookie divas and had a little too much fun with the wind machine.  We hope you enjoy this ridiculous spoof which will be available later this week!

 L - R  Georganne Bell of  LilaLoa , Kim Russo of  Kookie Kreations by Kim , Laura Ewing of  Cadillac Cookies , Arty McGoo, & Andrea Garner of  Bella Cakes
L – R  Georganne Bell of LilaLoa , Kim Russo of Kookie Kreations by Kim , Laura Ewing of Cadillac Cookies , Arty McGoo, & Andrea Garner of Bella Cakes

  As always I finish things off with an impromptu Extra Frosting time lapse where I play around with the extra icing laying around.  Thank you for watching and for learning along with me!  McGoobers are the best and it makes me so incredibly happy when I get emails from you sharing your cookies you’ve made using the courses, sharing your thoughts and your sweet encouragement.  I appreciate you so much and I’m ECSTATIC that I get to meet and cookie with some of you THIS MONTH!!!  Cookie Con is in a couple of weeks and I’ll be teaching several Pre-CookieCon classes and we are going to have a ball.  I have designed some cookies I’m super excited about teaching and the whole thing is going to be a ridiculously fun party.  I’m going to hug as many cookiers as is humanly possible and get tons of inspiration.  

Thank you to all my guest cookiers in After School for pretending to be bratty divas.  And a HUGE thank you to Nicole for her wonderful Expert Lab tutorial.  I love how she thought outside the box, or outside the bag in this case! and showed us how she makes her beautiful marble design!  Have a fantastic September and if you’re going to CookieCon, I hope we can hang!  

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