McGoo U Online: September 2016

“Cookies so Easy a Kid Could do Them”

So easy a kid could do… and they should!  and so should you because these cookies are fun for every age.  I was recently decorating with kids and while they love to get creative and go freestyle with all the colorful bags of icing (that are very very very tightly secured so no icing can escape and get out of the back of the bag and all over their hands, and the table, and the floor…) they also really enjoy having a jumping off point.  A little guidance goes a long way with these designs and whether or not they stay inside the lines is up to them.  

In this month’s McGoo U we create a fill-in-the blank cookie design, a paint with water cookie (remember those books from your childhood?) and a fun and beautiful way to add a watercolor effect without using a paintbrush or palette.  Each of these designs is easily customizable and would make a fantastic activity at a party because studies have shown *2 out of 3 kids felt more successful when creating using these cookie designs.

*these numbers are based on my own findings.  But are probably not accurate as my teenager is self-deprecating.  Actual numbers are probably closer to 3 out of 3 when not dealing with teenagers.

It was so fun to have McGoo U’s inaugural guest back in the Expert Lab!  Maryann Rollins of The Cookie Artisan teaches how she goes back to the basics, and adds her custom colors to her simply gorgeous fall leaves.  It’s all in the details and Maryann does details like no other.  Her beautiful sparkly leaves are also a great design you can do with kids.  

In Mixing it Up we catch up with Maryann and hear about her recent trip to Germany, how her beautiful project that commemorates the Oklahoma City bombing memorial came together, and how she wants to rock n’ roll all night, and party every day.  She surprises me with a McGoo U anniversary celebration and then we play a hilarious game of “Cookie Lip Reading” where she surprises me yet again…  I tell you this lady keeps me on my toes!  

After School we let it all out.  That is exactly what happens in this month’s skit “Cookie Confessions” Prepare to be shocked, amazed… horrified! Cookiers share their dirtiest secrets anonymously. (no cookiers or cookies were harmed in the filming of this skit. some were licked, but all of these “confessions” were made up).

Smart Cookies never throw away royal icing! Use up those beautifully mixed colors to create custom sprinkles, flowers, strawberries, oh my! Royal icing transfers are perfect for covering up mistakes or adding a pop of dimension and color. Maryann and Arty share tips and ideas about transfers.

As always we finish off the day with a relaxing and impromptu design using the Extra Frosting from class.  

I would love to see what you created using this month’s tutorials.  Remember YOU can earn your varsity letter by sharing your McGoo U inspired creations using the hashtag #mcgoou on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.  





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