McGoo U Online: October

“Things that go bump in the night”

Do you ever get that feeling like something is watching you?  Don’t look behind you… its sneaking right up behind you!  It’s… its… OCTOBER!!!  I love October.  I love the cooler weather and the changing trees, the pumpkin EVERYTHING, and of course Halloween.  A day where you can dress up as anything you want and it’s okay to ask everybody you see for candy?!  Yes please!

So this month in McGoo U we are exploring the spookier side of decorating and some fun and easy ways to antique and age your cookie designs, a simple element with big impact, some fun with textures, and a re-visit of The Cookie Architect’s eyeball tutorial with a macabre twist.  Check out the corresponding interactive PDF supply list for the specific tools I used.  

The tricks and treats continue when visiting guest cookier Kim Russo of Kookie Kreations by Kim leads us through her gorgeous pumpkin tutorial in the Expert Lab!  I love how dynamic they are.  These pumpkins are breathtaking in their Halloween colors and it makes me wonder how they would look dressed up for Thanksgiving.  So excited to find out!    

Then it is time to get to know our expert in Mixing it Up!  We learn about how Kim’s cookies and parties are a labor of love, then we’ll take a look at some of the fantastic and hilarious costumes she’s created for her kids, and find out why sometimes, it’s okay to lie to your grandma.  Check out more of her incredible work! (and see what costumes she creates for her kids this year!)

Facebook: Kookie Kreations by Kim

Instagram: @kookiesbykim

After School you’ll see some familiar faces competing for the ultimate cookier glory.  Kim takes on Nicole, Andrea, & Georganne as they battle it out to win “Name that Cookier!” The newest gameshow that tests your cookier recognition and puts your cookie knowledge to the test.  Who will win?  Will it all be fun and games?  Find out After School!

As always we finish out our day of learning and fun with an impromptu design using the extra frosting from class.

Have a fantastical October!  I would love to see what you created using this month’s tutorials.  Remember YOU can earn your varsity letter by sharing your McGoo U inspired creations using the hashtag #mcgoou on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.  

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  1. Karina Carrizales Haro

    I LOVED THIS SET! you are so talented!! at first the mummy looked like "firgersalads" haha pretty creepy =P,

    i have a question, i live in an island, so is extremely humid here and takes longer for the icing to dry, i have used gold dust with vodka and dryes pretty quickly, can i use the vodka with the palette too? im worried that if i use water , it wont dry and the icing will look weird! thank you 🙂

    1. Arty McGoo

      Awww, thank you!
      You can definitely use vodka to paint with. I know lots of people prefer to paint with vodka and I hear it works great. You should play around with both and see what you prefer, which dries better, and what works best in your climate.

  2. Karina Carrizales Haro

    oops is "salad fingers" haha

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