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There will be no McGoo U this month… April Fools!  Of course there is awesome all new content, tutorials, and guests for April!.  It’s that time of year, young bucks are twitter pated and the foliage is blooming, there are permits to get and trips to plan… what season is it?  Hunting season?  Close, it’s Wedding Season!  

The three designs for this month vary in difficulty so you can decide which best fit the event you are cookie-ying for, whether you are making 50 or 5 million.  I went with a blush and metallic palette, but these could be any combination of colors and are a great jumping off point for customizing your “Will you be my bridesmaid” to “Get Well” cookies.  I had so much fun with my amazingly talented guest students who joined me in the kitchen:  Sally Fraise of Sweetiedoodle, Delorse Sword of Sword’s Sugar (Instagram), and Bobbi Barton of Bobbi’s Cookies & Cutters     

 Arty, Bobbi, Delorse, & Sally after a fantastic day of decorating
Arty, Bobbi, Delorse, & Sally after a fantastic day of decorating

Our visiting professor this month is the always amazing Rebecca Weld (The Cookie Architect).  She takes us through her “doll eye” technique and shows us how to achieve her beautiful Blythe doll designs, giving lots of tips and ideas along the way. (Expert Lab)  After decorating, all of my guests gathered around the table for a session of Mixing It Up where we learned how Rebecca built her architectural design business from the cookie up, how she gets a little help from her friends every Christmas, and some exciting new projects she has coming up.  It’s puzzling how she fits it all in!  After School:  If you’re looking for some bridal shower gift inspiration… don’t look for it in this skit (except for the cookie cutter idea: that is a good one).  Our wacky cast of characters include the lovely Laura Ewing (Cadillac Cookies) as our blushing bride, Rebecca Weld as her goth cousin, Arty as the maid of honor, and Real Media’s very own Travis (camera man) as grandma.  

 Arty and Rebecca getting ready for The Expert Lab
Arty and Rebecca getting ready for The Expert Lab
 Arty, Laura, and Rebecca at the bridal shower
Arty, Laura, and Rebecca at the bridal shower

Whether you are planning your own wedding or making cookies for someone else, I hope you have a fabulous time decorating along with us.  I know weddings can mean decorating in bulk, so feel free to simplify the heck out of any of these designs.  Make the royal icing flower transfers bigger, so you don’t have to do so many, create a simplified lace design, and remember when baking in bulk: the freezer is your friend!  Cookies freeze beautifully and I have found the decorated ones thaw perfectly as well.  Just make sure to leave them sealed in their bags until completely thawed.  
Thank you so much to my fabulous fellow decorators Delorse, Sally, and Bobbi for creating with me!  And thank you to Laura for being our bride (we couldn’t have done it without you!) and to Rebecca for her absolutely brilliant technique she shared with us and for cracking the whip… literally.  Also, thank you for “Blything” me and making me that awesome Arty cookie.  What an honor to be cookie’d by you, to create with you, and to hang out with you.  

As I know all of my guests would agree: It is such a blast to film at Real Media with the crew.  Thank you for all your hard work, your creativity, and your awesomeness!

 Arty and her boyz L-R  Corbin, Gingersnap (Evan), Jeez-O-Pete (Travis), Steve, and Darrin Even though none of them have decorated cookies before, they think they would be instant pros... we may have to test this theory.
Arty and her boyz L-R  Corbin, Gingersnap (Evan), Jeez-O-Pete (Travis), Steve, and Darrin Even though none of them have decorated cookies before, they think they would be instant pros… we may have to test this theory.

And because we couldn’t do it without Brad and Mr. John who weren’t in the shot I give you this glorious picture below.  More details will be coming about this, but for now, enjoy the wonder that is Brad and Mr. John’s incredible hair.  

Not sure if this encourages or scares you away, but here is a link on how to become a McGoo U subscriber to join in on all our craziness:

All of the segments can be viewed as a show, but the McGoo U in particular is meant to be a class experience that you can cookie right along with.  So, if you’d like to cookie with me, here is what you will need for this month’s McGoo U:


McGoo U April Supply List

  1. Cookies: 1 square, 1 any shape for sprinkle cookie (square shown here, but in class we used a circle), this fabulous can bouquet cutter from Bobbi’s Cookies & Cutters or frankencookie a hand-cut one using 3″ scalloped flower cutter + small rectangle (about 1 1/2″ x 2 1/2″) with bottom edges trimmed to create a rounded silhouette for can
  2. Royal Icing
  3. food coloring  (I used Americolor electric pink + gold (the color not the metallic) for blush and Wilton juniper + Americolor electric green for green)  I know, I know, parenthesis inside of parenthesis!
  4. 3 Piping bags (optional closure of your choice)
  5. couplers & rings (optional)
  6. 2: #1.5 or #1 tips  (option: I used a tipless bag for the green instead of the second tip) 
  7. 1: #2 tips
  8. can of metallic silver food coloring (I used Wilton) or use airbrush
  9. dragees, sprinkles, non-pareils, sanding sugar, disco dust, etc. in varying sizes (metallic soft pearls: Dr. Oetker, a UK brand)
  10. wax or parchment paper for flower transfers
  11. small cup
  12. Filbert paintbrush
  13. toothpicks or scribe tool
  14. cup of water
  15. paper towel
  16. tweezers if you are cool like that!


  • Fill one piping bag with white royal icing of piping consistency, coupler, and a #1 or 1.5 tip 
  • Fill one piping bag with green royal icing of piping consistency, coupler, and #1 or 1.5 tip (class used tipless bag)
  • Fill one piping bag with blush royal icing of flood-consistency, coupler, and #1 or #1.5 tip

A lot of these supplies can be modified to your preferences.  If you use tipless bags, you can forgo the tips entirely (except for the petal tips) or you can choose to use different food colorings.  (Click here for a detailed guide to setting up your palette)  I always appreciate when people make things their own and let their own creativity be their guide.  I’d love to see your creations!  This is all about having fun and not stressing.  Happy cookie-ying!


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