McGoo U: April 2016

“Green Thumb”

This month at McGoo U it’s all about nature and texture!  From the smooth glass terrarium cloche to the sandy gravel and spiky succulents, these cookies are a feast for the senses.  We will create gravel, moss, stone, a crackle texture, several succulents, and a realistic butterfly.  Such a tactile experience and each technique can be used in endless ways and designs.

We welcome the lovely Laurie Anglen of Cookie Bliss as our visiting guest professor in the Expert Lab.  She shows us a beautiful way to add vibrancy and added dimension by painting her dimensional work with color on color.  She shows several examples of before and after cookies and it’s always amazing to see what a little painting can do.  Then she goes step by step to creating her beautiful poppy cookie design.  

You’ll love getting to know Laurie in Mixing it Up as we chat about how she views cookies as her “bliss”, how she feels about being an empty nester, and how waffles make taxes better.  

In Smart Cookie we explore several ways to get quick and beautiful backgrounds without using a full flood.  Whether it’s because you don’t like the extra sweetness or you don’t have time to wait for a full flood to dry, I show you 3 different options to getting a quick pop of color or texture to build on that won’t take hours to dry.

In our After School skit Arty and Mr. John have forgotten to work on some music segments and when Brad asks to hear what they’ve put together, they decide to try to fake their way through and Brad is… unimpressed.   

As always we finish off the day with a relaxing and impromptu design using the Extra Frosting from class.  

I would love to see what you created using this month’s tutorials.  Remember YOU can earn your varsity letter by sharing your McGoo U inspired creations using the hashtag #mcgoou on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook.  


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