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May Patches Awarded

It was a berry, berry blue May!  You all did a great job with your work and your creativity was awesome.  

If you have questions regarding homework streaks or where you are in the process, please contact Me, Mr. John (, and I will help you.

Remember that every month, the McGoo U community earns real patches that are mailed out for accomplishing different tasks; like completing the monthly set (homework), sharing a pic of that beautiful homework on socials, or donating cookies to a cause. To learn more about the different McGoo U patches and how to earn them, please visit the blog post HERE.

Any questions…. Let me know!

Congratulations to the fabulous McGoo U members (McGoobers) who earned patches in December!

# of homeworks posted and logged: 67

Piping Bag PNG
Rolling Pin PNG
whisk PNG
Oven Mitt PNG

Piping Bag Patches: 7

  • Jennifer Gouldsmith
  • Barbi Kutilek
  • Becky Norton
  • Danita Allen
  • LeAnne Peterson Heagren
  • Lisel Powell
  • Kate Sullivan (April)

Rolling Pin Patches: 2

  • Robyn Mayo
  • Harriet Agen

Whisk Patches: 4

  • Harriet Agen
  • Susan Brenner
  • Jennifer Gouldsmith
  • Robyn Mayo

Oven Mitt Patches: 7

  • Harriet Agen
  • Cathy Lorenzo
  • Eva Dean
  • Janis Ezzo
  • Jeanette Hamilton
  • Heidi Szekely
  • Chris Thompson


Mixer PNG
M Patch PNG
Star PNG
Apron PAtch PNG

Mixer Patches: 1

  • Becky Norton (Crystal Kniffen)

M Letterman Patches: 2


  • NONE


  • NONE

Gold Star Patches: 0

  • NONE

Apron Patches: 5

  • Rae Dare-Smith
  • Janis Ezzo
  • Kathy Pedley
  • Jen Quintana
  • Marilyn O’Neill

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