Love Nest Bridal Luncheon Cookies

Feathering the bride’s new nest… with cookies.
These cookies just make me happy.  The lovely Lissa gave me full creative control over these puppies for a bridal luncheon she was attending.  I literally watched the sun come up while I was decorating these and I couldn’t bring myself to do two of the same cookie.   Every time I make a batch of cookies, I learn something new.  On this batch, I learned something new with every cookie.

Speaking of learning something new, I just finished a batch of special birthday cookies for my oldest daughter’s birthday and I tried out a new technique.  She’s TEN tomorow!  I’ll be posting some very colorful cookies soon.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by to visit me so that I could find you. Oh my goodness, these are the prettiest cookies I've EVER seen! You have an amazing talent & I just wish you lived close to me so that I could use your cookies for every occasion. And how adorable are your little children singing that song. If your hubby is the crying type, I'm sure tears came to his eyes when he heard it. Please tell the kids how much I enjoyed hearing their beautiful voices.

    Warmly, Michelle

  2. You are so sweet Michelle! Thank you. Hubby did get a little misty when the kids sang.

  3. Kelly

    Stunning! These are just gorgeous. My goodness, you are incredibly talented! Sweet Sugar Belle (aka Callye) mentioned you on Twitter, which is how I found you. I'm so glad I did!

  4. Sue

    Liz, Mark my words, as soon as the word gets out your blog is going to have zillions of followers! 🙂 These cookies are STUNNING! Time to have a look around…

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