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Logo Cookies

These ideas coming in for the “Cookie for Your Thoughts Giveaway” are awesome!   I love them all and the cookie inspiration is flowing.  There are so many I want to make.  You guys are geniuses! and I love all the friend action going on.  Thank you!  Genius friends are exactly what I need.

I thought I’d share some logo cookies I’ve made lately.  It’s like a little commercial… only cute and edible with sparkles!  Logos are interesting to make on a cookie, because it’s all about precision.  It’s always a challenge to get it right, especially since cookies aren’t exactly the most flat, uniform surface.  There are things called Kopykakes that actually project an image onto the cookie/cake so you can trace it, (how cool is that!?) and it’s cookies like these that make me wish I had one.  I’m adding it to my letter to Santa this year.   

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  1. BUY one NOW! Do not wait! Best investment you will ever make. I draw something once, and I'm done. Cuts time in half…seriously! SweetSugarBelle

  2. I'm with Sugarbelle. Life changing…even if you are an artist. It just helps you place everything with confidence and have uniformity from cookie to cookie. Run to your computer to order. There are coupons, so look!

  3. Great logos! Especially the mid-state fair!
    Can't wait to hear if you like your kopykake. I've been toying with the idea too! But, where to store the thing!!

  4. Dear Arty
    I think you should do a video tutorial on how you make these bad boys. Or even just a short sequence of pics set to music as you create one. Because it is so hard to comprehend how this is done robot free.
    And…now I want a kopykake and I dont really make cookies.

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