Leapin’ Lizards!

Me before the show

As I mentioned in a previous post I am in a play that opened last Friday.  So far we have 3 performances under our belts and have 6 more to go.  Let’s see if we can guess the play (if you haven’t already guessed by the post title).

  • takes place during the Great Depression
  • features a furry creature
  • based on a comic strip
  • coined as “Broadway’s happiest musical”

… still don’t know?

  • curly, red-headed orphan?
  • billionaire, Daddy Warbucks?

If you guessed Annie, you’re right!  If you didn’t, you’re hopeless!  I play the role of Grace Ferrell and it has been really fun to perform with my 9 year old daughter, Bailey, who plays an orphan.  The cast is so much fun.  Through the rehearsal process I’ve gotten to know so many beautiful, talented, selfless people.  Such an amazing experience!

If you’re in the area or would like to hitchhike your way to San Luis Obispo, come see the show!  Mr. John and I will provide lodging.  If you’re interested, here’s how to get tickets:


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  1. It WAS a wonderful show and you did a captivating job as Grace Ferrell…making us so proud to be related to such a star. Darling Bailey did very well too…a cute little orphan. I've got to print my photo's.

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