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The Junior McGoos

Pardon the interruption while I show off how cute my kids are!  Yesterday was so beautiful and I was hit with inspiration to take some pictures of my kids.  I had a serene and dreamy vision of my lovely children gallivanting in a field.  The sun was setting fast so I ransacked the kid’s rooms to find any white clothes they had that weren’t horribly stained and we set off into the wide world.

We drove for a bit and found this olive grove and I let the kids loose.  The light was beautiful and the kids were pretty cooperative.  They are growing incredibly fast and I know that soon, there will be eye-rolling and arms crossed and “I’m too busy mom” while texting friends to get them to play along with my photographic whims.  It’s a little scary to think how fast those teenage years are speeding towards me.  For now I will enjoy their crazy, infectious laughter and sweet snuggles.

And now for a serious moment… ha ha
You only get to be a kid once for a short time and then, the rest of your life you’re a grown-up.  
Enjoy the little ones in your lives!

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  1. Well what kind of mom would you be if you didn't show off your kids now and then? I love the first photo and the one of the sisters laughing together. They are indeed beautiful kids and yes take pics while you can – my 15 and almost 15-yo do not like me taking their photo anymore. Sigh.

  2. Your children are beautiful! So nice to have these beautiful images for all of you to look back on over the coming years. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous photos of your kids thank you for sharing with us. Happy Fiday and wonderful weekend xo

  4. Mine are grown…..you are so right. I'm glad you are enjoying them and savoring the moments. 🙂

  5. Love their sweet expressions and happy smiles! I find as my kids get older (now 11 and 13) there are fewer "sweet" photos but I can still get them to play along if there are beards and glasses involved. It's all about the props! :0) Thank you for sharing!

  6. So true, the years fly by! My sweeties are now 18 (my son, just finished first year away at college, sniff, sniff- but he is home for the summer-yay!); my daughter, 16, will be a busy junior in high school next year, in student council, honor society, and other things, hoping to maintain her 4.6 G.P.A. Love them so much, they are great PEOPLE, not terrible teens as some are so challenging. But those tender, sweet, peanut-butter and jelly faces and dandelion bouquets days are indeed gone. Sometimes I wonder how the last stroller rides and bubble baths of fun just quietly faded away without fnafare, but it's probably better that way- as good-byes of all kinds are so hard. Especially to magic moments! But, there are many of those to come, in all stages, they are just different ones. Like my gentleman of a son opening doors for me as we shopped, and offering to take my car to get gas, and to run other errands for me. Joy is seeing the person they are becoming. Happy Mother's Day to all!

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