Jewel Kade Cookies and… GIVEAWAY!

 Have you heard of Jewel Kade?  If not let me introduce you:  Jewel Kade is an artistic and fun jewelry line that carries gorgeous charms and necklaces.  I made these cookies of some of the JK charms last week for one of their stylists, Cari Ham.  I love ALL their pendants so the only hard part was picking which ones to make into a cookie!

These are yummy cookies.  Please do not attempt to eat the real charms… they are gorgeous, but don’t taste good.
So, here’s the awesome part for you, dear reader.  Cari, (my awesome Jewel Kade stylist) is giving away this beautiful charm to one lucky winner! 

Front and back of charm

To be entered all you have to do is post a comment below.  It can be any comment, but some suggestions are:  how awesome Jewel Kade/Cari is, or how awesome I am, or even better; how awesome we both are!  😀  Feel free to post tons of comments, but please note: you will only be entered once for the drawing.  The winner will be chosen Monday, May 23rd! 

I’m so excited to be having my first giveaway on my blog!  And especially excited that it is from Jewel Kade!  Follow this link to see all their gorgeous charms.  I own several and I always get compliments when I wear them.  Good Luck!

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  1. Well heck of course Cari is awesome! And since she's a friend of yours, you're awesome as well and I am LOVING those Jewel Kade pieces!!!! Gorgeous darling! Would love to wear one of those and hear all of those wonderful comments :o) and tell EVERYONE where I got it.

    Lisa Sanford Hopper

  2. josie

    Wow, cookies and jewelry are two of my favorite things. And now combined?!?!?
    You gals rock!

  3. Sarah Walker

    Beautiful work ladies! So fabulous!

  4. Maryanne

    Cari IS awesome and those cookies look amazing! However, I am only commenting beacause Cari is soooo awesome…I do not want the charm because I already have it! 🙂

  5. Dale

    I would have commented anyway. Liz you never cease to amaze me! Your cookie replicas are as awesome as the originals. This brings new meaning to the term 'candy necklace'. I'm going to have to get one for me to wear, but which one?

  6. Wow, Amazing looking Cookies!!! I Love Jewel Kade!!! I just bought from Cari a Beautiful Pearl Necklace with the Bee charm. Lovely!!! I also, got for my Daughter Kylie the bird charm & on the otherside is her intial with the glitter. She Loves it of course!!! The jewlry is unique and so very Classy. I always get compliments when I wear any of my charms. Love the website!!!! Way to go!!!

  7. Farley

    I'm entering because Nemiha told me to. Plus i love looking at your blog. 🙂

  8. My gosh Liz, when I think you can't top your last batch of cookies, you floor me again and again! Those cookies are true works of art. You rock! I need some new jewelry so here's hoping. 😀

  9. Seriously Liz you are so absolutely talented! The cookies look beautiful, they look just like the charms. Cari you are awesome! I just love you woman 🙂

  10. Ange

    A lovely pairing. I love the San Francisco bridge which has been my hometown for 9 years and ends next month. Thank you both for sharing your creative genius with some of us absorbed raising our babies. Maybe in a few years I can take a class from both of you. Don't worry Liz about the disappearing art form of your delicious morsels. The pictured art on the cookies seem to last forever in blogworld to be enjoyed by new onlookers. Thank you both for bringing a smile to my day!

  11. Shannon Holloway

    What a fun way to show off your talent… I thought Cari's cast was amazing, but these cookies are even better. I have heard several people say that your cookies are too beautiful to eat. I have to disagree… They are awesome to look at, but I think they taste too good to waste. If they can bring themselves to taste one, they will agree. And of course Cari is amazing too!! Her talents too numerous to name.

  12. You are both fabulous! I just found your blog and quickly added it to my favorites!

  13. Johnna considine

    Not sure which I like more-the cookies (yum yum!) or the pendants! Love!

  14. Laura

    The Jewel Kade jewelry is beautiful and the Jewel Kade cookies look FABULOUS (I hear that the are delicious too). Thanks Cari for bring the cookies over for us to see and not letting us taste! What a tease Cari can be!

  15. Darby

    Cari freaking ROCKS! So does Jewel Kade, just got my first pieces and I don't think they have left my neck for a second except to sleep! 🙂

    and those cookies….. Wowzers! Amazing work, and they even look yummy!

  16. Liz, I met you briefly once, and I met Cari briefly. And I just happened upon your blog right now bc of Hillary's pictures…..but I want to enter too! Why not? PLUS I keep seeing Cari give these necklaces away at showers and I'm always coveting the necklaces! Thanks. And wow what a creative cookie maker/artist you are! Your kids must LOVE it!

  17. Linda Prieto

    Charms & Cookies…style is essential in both♥
    Charms & Cookies are magically delicious♥

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