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I’m having a particularly lazy Saturday today and I didn’t want to ruin it by doing anything productive, but I still wanted to accomplish something.  That’s when I decided to finally change out of my pajamas and pull on some jeans.  That oughta do it!

I know the next couple of days and weeks are going to get crazy so I didn’t want to use up this one precious Saturday to do anything really useful.  That’s when I remembered a thought I’ve been playing around with for a while.  It wasn’t even my thought originally so it still qualifies as an acceptable activity for my lazy Saturday.  Several months ago my friend Callye from The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle (the most amazing blog in the universe) suggested I make a cookie of my blog header.  I thought it was a hilarious idea and filed it away for a day just like today.

I grabbed a leftover cookie and I got to work painting.  myself.  on a cookie.
Okay, so now that I type that I realize this must be the most self-involved post possible.
But, hey!  That’s what a lazy Saturday is all about.  I think I’ll round out my self-centered/ lazy day eating a cookie of myself and painting my toenails!  Good day to you sir!


P.S. a little more self-centeredness action:  I made a button for my blog if you’d like to grab it.  I’m too lazy today to post it here, but it should be somewhere over there…  yeah over there to the right.  And of course it’s a picture of what else? ME!

P.s.s. I’m totally going to make up for all this self-centered/laziness today and host a giveaway.  I should have it all figured out once I’m done being lazy.

P.s.s.s.  Thank you Callye for giving me the idea and thank you Stephanie Kappel who did a self-portrait cookie recently that showed me it could be done awesomely!  (click the links to go to their facebook pages.  they will rock your socks)

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  1. You did a beautiful job, but how could you not with such a lovely model. Maybe I should do one of my husband…. I could put it in the freezer and the next time he makes me mad I can bite his head off. haaaa… Sorry, I'm easily amused on Saturdays. Isn't Callye the best? I'm proud to be buds with her too.

    P.S. I'll get back to your email soon…. looking forward to getting together in February.

  2. You are a funny girl! I really like your cookie likeness and am glad you enjoyed your lazy day:) You and I need to kidnap Callye and bring her to the central coast! XO!

  3. One of the best self-portraits ever! Someone needs to create a show on the Food Network that's all about decorating cookies. Can only imagine what a run-away hit it would be with cookies artists as talented as you, Callye, Gail, Stephanie and so, so, many others showcasing their work and techniques.

    P.S. Thanks for the button 🙂

  4. LOVE IT! and thanks again for the shout out yesterday, you are awesome and I love the lazy Saturday. I haven't had one in a while so am a bit jealous! Love your button too, so grabbed it!

  5. Amazing!!! This is one heck of a Saturday. Ps…high praise coming from you. I might be blushing….or flushing because im in the eluptical but hey same same right?! And now I'm wishing that I could come to the DJ Liz party! How come all my favorite people have to live way over in California? !

  6. That is so incredibly impressive to be able to paint your own portrait. You are so fun.

  7. Awesome!!!! So talented!! and …….
    I totally agree with Paula!

  8. that's awesome. I wish I could paint myself onto a cookie and make it look that good. I'm sure if I tried to paint myself I would just end up looking like a cookie 😉

  9. Hola desde España. Termino de descubrir tu blog y tus galletas me parecen increibles, nunca antes había visto nada igual…¡uf!…Muy creativas.

    Un beso. Zulima.

  10. my picture on a cookie would be the only way anyone would ever describe me as "sweet"….see there is hope for me after all 🙂 wink wink.

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