I HEART Valentine’s Day!

Something about Valentine’s Day just makes me feel giddy.  I love seeing all the heart shape bowls, the cupid stickers, the red doilies…  It reminds me of being in elementary school and cutting out hearts and pictures of flowers from my mom’s seed catalogues and pasting them to red construction paper to create valentines for all my classmates.  The red foil heart stickers were my favorite and I always made sure I made a special {and extra big} Valentine for my teacher dripping with glitter and edged with a paper doily.  How elegant!

I made a set of cookies with my past valentine-making experience in mind.  I asked myself: What would my dream stash of valentine-making supplies look like?  What little bits and treasures would I love to have in a big glass jar that I could pick through to create with?  
With those questions in my mind and romantic love songs playing on my Pandora I got to work. play. 

I tried out a couple of new things with this set.  Extending the color to the sides of my cookies brought  a different dimension to the cookie; and a whole new side to play with and add a little detail.

You may notice some extra shiny red cookies and that effect was accomplished by using my friend Nadia’s {of My Little Bakery’s} egg wash technique.   That was very fun to play with and gave such a different look.

I used a couple of molds for the cameo, frame, little flower, and the lock and key.  Molds are such a fun, easy way to add gorgeous and intricate doodads.  {Doodads is the technical term}.  There are so many fabulous food-grade silicon molds on etsy.  I simply melt some candy disks with a touch of shortening and paint them into the mold {this helps prevent any bubbles in those teeny tiny crevices}. I put them in the freezer for 30 seconds and pop them right out.  easy and gorgeous.  I painted the frame and the lock and key with luster dust.  Voila!  I love it when something that creates such impact is effortless.  

The scrabble tiles and typewriter keys are just about to scale so that gives you an idea of the size of these scrappy bits.  
 What a hodge-podge of vintage bits and scraps.  Go ahead… call me a romantic.

 So, now I’m in the mood to pull out my glue sticks and glitter and make the biggest doily covered monstrosity imaginable!  Maybe since I did these so early I will have time to play around some more with Valentine’s Day creations.  Hope you have a fabulously shiny, lacy, glittery, romantical day!

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  1. Jill

    You're incredible! These are wonderfully-fantastic!!! (and you can't be her Nicole, I'm going to be!!!) 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    OMG, I did quite the double take. I thought these were literally little trinkets you picked up from around the house before I realized they were actually cookies. Utterly, astoundingly amazing!!!!!!!!!

  3. Paula

    So many beautiful and creative ideas and adding *trinkets* and extending the colour to the sides of your cookies make for a phenomenal collection.

  4. Rowaidaa

    WOW! Liz beautiful and amazing work of art. I haven't seen anything like this before. I salute you. Best of luck and success. The photos went into my pinterest

  5. Michelle

    These are OUTRAGEOUSLY gorgeous!!!!!!! I could never eat them!! You are the BEST!

  6. triciaz

    I love this collection of cookies……sigh………so beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing, Liz!!

  7. Georgina QM

    lovely cookies! perfect for a day full of love.
    Your blog looks really nice… here I'm from spain (bcn) to follow you.

    best regards.


  8. Sue

    I would love to find all of your cookie trinkets in a jar! What TREASURES!

  9. IFeelCook

    One of the nicest Valentine's cookies I've seen… I really really love them!! 😀

  10. Shrey Patel

    fabulously photo shoot!
    So cute and I just have to make some!
    Such a Pretty Cookies.

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