How I Lost My CookieCon Virginity: Volume 2

Hey everybody, it’s Kim again. Why has it taken me so long to write this blog post? I don’t honestly know. It could have been spring break, the 2 week illness that followed, the fact that my computer died, or my inherent laziness. Any one is probably a valid choice. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, losing my CookieCon virginity! (It really was everything they said it would be!)

So Thursday morning began VERY early with preparations for the McGoo U Sock Hop! We had a special pre-CookieCon social for all of the McGoo U subscribers, and it was a BLAST! Elvis (Mr. John in his sexy white jumpsuit) made a special appearance and serenaded the adoring crowd, we played a rousing game of “speed-friendshipping”, had a decorator’s challenge, and my son came and served as “bartender”, mixing up our signature drinks! Everyone had a great time getting together and socializing before CookieCon officially began. I made a slide show so you can see how awesome it was!


After the party we took a few minutes to check out Cookie Town and the Sugar Show entries. Oh my gosh, it was AMAZING!  Cookie people are so clever and talented! Here’s a little peek at Cookie Town: 

And here are just a few of the cookies that were entered into the Sugar Show! Aren’t they so impressive? I couldn’t get over it. I must have gone back into that room 10 times over the course of the weekend just to ooh and aah.

And then CookieCon OFFICIALLY began! People started arriving in droves, lined up to get their swag bags, traded pins & cookies, and the excitement level was through the roof! You know how people talk about “finding your tribe”? Well, that really happens at CookieCon. I don’t know about you, but when I talk to my friends about royal icing consistency, where you can get Everclear, and the latest cookies I’ve seen on Instagram, their eyes glaze over. BUT NOT AT COOKIECON! At CookieCon, there are hundreds of other people who speak your language; and let’s face it, it’s nice to be understood.

Ooh, and then I got to go to First-timer orientation! That’s where they divide all of the newbies into groups & give them the lay of the land. It was fun to meet a bunch of other CookieCon virgins, find out where they had traveled from, and have a someone with real experience tell you what to expect your first time!

Thursday night ended with an OUTSTANDING keynote speech by Katy Metoyer (Sugar Dayne). Her presentation was EVERYTHING: sweet, sassy, funny, touching, and incredibly open and honest. If you’ve seen the hashtag #mycookiefriendsarereal around the interwebs in the last few months, it’s because of Katy’s talk. Tears were shed, people were moved, and it ended in a standing ovation. Katy is a cookie goddess.

If that weren’t enough, I then got to dine with some of my cookie idols. I was still wearing my sock hop outfit, so I got some pretty funny looks walking through Salt Lake City, but who cares when you’re taking that walk with Arty McGoo, Lilaloa, Andy Kay, and the Hungry Hippopotamus? Not me!


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