Holy Balls of Yarn Batman!

The kids were invited to a great hero-themed birthday party last weekend for cousin Brennen.  
All the kids were supposed to come as a super-hero.  
Since we had one tiny Superman costume, we had to improvise.
What is Sage thinking here?!
  With a pair of dollar store wings, a tye-dyed shirt and colorful hairbands, Bailey transformed into “RAINBOW PIXIE”!  Sage pulled out her black T-shirt and leggings and we grabbed a pair of cat ears and tail from the Halloween box and she became “CATGIRL”!
  Denver… well, he just wore the too-small Superman costume and became
During the party Batman came flying in (literally jumping off the roof!) to visit all the pint-sized super heroes.  Since Batman showed up we had to get an action shot of Batman and Catgirl fighting 
and I couldn’t resist turning it into this:

Hope you have a SUPER weekend!

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