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Guest Post: Meet Real Media’s Brad Burrow!

Brad…in his natural habitat.

Arty: Brad is all heart.  He sees the best side of people and literally wants to show people’s “best side” on camera.  Whenever we go to him with our ridiculous skit ideas, he and his crew Darrin, Travis, and Corbin brainstorm about how to make it even more ridiculous. Then he proceeds to talk everybody into doing these crazy stunts.  In the cool kid vernacular: “He is so extra!” in the best way possible.

Every part and segment we film for McGoo U is fun, but we let our hair down for the After School segments in particular.  You can see from his picture: Brad REALLY lets his hair down and we usually end up making a big mess of the studio in the name of creativity.  He loves meeting and getting to know the Expert Lab guests we bring in.  He is a complete jokester and if he teases or tries to scare you… he likes you.  

He is the ringleader of this circus and we couldn’t do it without him.  Meet, Brad!

BRAD: In a Kitchen far, far away there once lived a Queen. . .  a cookie Queen.  That’s Arty to us at Real Media. Queen of the Cookie Kingdom!  We love being a part of her incredible kingdom and all of the incredible Cookie students and citizens.  The Kingdom is growing!  It all started a few years ago when a messenger delivered a note to my office from King John.  He said, “We have this idea for a Cookie Decorating Show”.  I said to myself, “Hmmm, let me think about that for a minute . . . I’m in!”  Soon we began to formulate this idea of teaching the kingdom how to create incredible cookies the Arty way!  It’s been a great ride and we look forward to every trip King and Queen McGoo make to Kansas City.

Brad and “Bobby McRoss” in the studio

Over the past couple of years we have had some very fun times creating the cookie tutorials and fun videos that you’ve all seen.  I thought it would be fun to describe some of those times from our point of view.  

First and foremost, we’ve loved being a part of the skits and funny videos.  I think we laugh more on the Arty production week than anytime during the year.   We love brainstorming ideas and finding new ways to entertain the Kingdom.  I remember Arty’s very first trip to Kansas City. We had the Cookie Artisan (Maryann Rollins) in for the Expert Lab segment.  Of course, we had to put together the After School Segment as well.  Shooting these segments are always one of the highlights of the production week.  We found ourselves shooting a Halloween segment with Arty and The Cookie Artisan in a cemetery by my house.   We brought fog machines and props.  I can’t ever remember hearing so many screams and laughs all at the same time.  We ran out of that cemetery so fast when we were done I still haven’t caught my breath!  We laughed and laughed, but more importantly, that video was the beginning of many more fun videos.  Maryann’s scream will forever be engrained in my mind.

The Cookie Artisan and Arty in the cemetery

We (the production crew) love to get in front of the camera too. We love making cameo appearances in the videos.  I have enjoyed getting to be in the cookie band, running the chainsaw for Housewives of Cookie County and other fun shoots.  The most memorable time for me was playing air guitar with King John behind Arty for the Heart music video remake.  Of course, I rocked so hard that I had to take Advil when I was done, but it was totally worth it and I would do it again.  I have hired an agent now. . . as far as you know.

The start of an amazing career!

I think the most talked about segments are the ones that use the . . . “naked suit”.  This has become a very important prop for Arty week here at Real Media.  You have to be very important to actually be considered for this prop.  One of the most popular videos we created was the “Meme” cookier video.  This featured Arty and The Hungry Hippopotamus (Stephanie Kappel).  The most popular part of the video is the section “this is what my husband thinks I do”.   The naked suit made its debut that day and has gone down in the lore of McGoo history as a groundbreaking moment.  Not only did thousands of people witness the spectacle of the Hungry Hippopotamus laying on our kitchen island in the suit, this set the tone for more scenes with the infamous naked suit.   To date the suit has been used for compelling scenes with LilaLoa (Georganne Bell) and of course Arty.  As you can imagine, we laugh a lot on those days.   I don’t think I’ll ever forget seeing LilaLoa run out of our studio as part of a scene in the naked suit.   I think we forgot to unlock the studio door to let her back in.  Maybe. . . Not sure what the neighbors thought about that one.

The naked suit in action!

All fun aside, we love being a part of the team.  Most of all we love the fact that we are contributing to helping cookiers all over the world develop their skills and earn extra dollars for their families.  We consider it an honor and privilege to be a part of the Arty Kingdom.  We look forward to being in many more videos and seeing all of the great work that is done by all of the students.  

So, until the next great cameo, “here, here”! Cheers to Arty and all of the vast McGoo Kingdom!

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