Fun with Facepaint

Mr. John and I took the kids to the Paso Robles Festival of the Arts this weekend.  What a feast for the senses!  There was so much beautiful art on display: artists creating right before our eyes, endless art projects for the kids in different mediums, a band performing at this corner of the park, an impossibly tall praying mantis-man, a group of children dancing and doing sign language on stage, and works being created on easels under the big oak tree.  All that creativity and energy in one place was amazing to behold!

We didn’t wait for the festival to get our faces painted.  Instead we did it at home before we went and saved ourselves a lot of time waiting in line and money.  (You should have seen that line!)  I painted the girl’s faces and Bailey was very proud when Denver asked her to paint his face.  She did such a great job! 

I love the paper bag hats the kids made.  Denver’s totally looks like the Mad Hatter’s hat in the new Alice in Wonderland!  This festival inspired me so much and especially made me want to craft and create more with the kids.  Happy creating!

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  1. How awesome! That is a smorgousborg(sp?) of fun and talent! They need to do something like that here. What a fun day to have with the kids.

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