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I thought today I’d share something that I have fallen in love with (as a peace offering for my long absence?).  I saw this little beauty on the shelf at Beverly’s  and I thought, “There is no way this stuff will work for cookies.  It probably won’t dry or look good… but what the hey?”

Edit:  the lovely Sami on Facebook said she found this at the 99c store! and I realized THAT’S where I found mine too.  Until she mentioned it, I really thought I got it at Beverly’s!  I’m blaming my old age…

I splurged on this little tube of sparkle gel (about $1.00) and I’m so glad I did!  Before I go any further, I just realized this sounds like a commercial, it is not.  
Because of the little amount of faith I had in this tube of sparkle, I forgot about it; until one fateful day… I was decorating and thought, Ugh, I’m going to have to mix up some “glass” for these windows (which usually consists of melting isomalt or sugar, or some other potentially hand-burning exercise) but I suddenly remembered that little tube.  Hmmmmm, let’s experiment!

Not only does it dry fast, it keeps its wet and glassy look forever.  Usually at some point, sugar will cloud and get a milky kind of look, but this stays really clear and shiny.

There is a little glitter in it, and it doesn’t get completely smooth (maybe it could if I messed around with it a bit more) but how cool is that?!  And besides, it gives an antique glass look, right?  I totally meant to do that.  
Oooooh!  shiny!  
Sooo, how do you get your hands on that little tube of wonder?  Now for a limited time… Just kidding.  This is not a commercial.  
I found the tube at the 99c Store, but I don’t think everyone has those or that they are still there, so I went straight to the source which is the Cake Craft website.  It looks like you must call to place an order (the horror!) as I’m not seeing a marketplace on the site, but the price is super reasonable for a tube of awesome.  
It looks like Cake Craft sparkle gels come in several colors that would be fun to play around with!  
Have fun and get sparkly!

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  1. Sally

    I have a tube of stuff just like this only its gold, hmmm maybe I should try to find a way to use it someday. I got it years ago on a clearance rack somewhere so i don't know if they still make it. But I believe I saw a red one just this last valentine's day. Mine is the Wilton Brand Sparkle Gel and I'm pretty sure its from Walmart (or at least that's where I saw the red one!) 🙂

  2. NO!! The wilton brand does not dry hard!! It takes a while to "dry" and is kind of tacky ( like tacky glue sort of…) I like the wilton stuff, and I use it on cakes, etc, but it does not dry… I did not know there was another brand out there, and a brand I could use for cookies, AMAZING!! Thanks, as always, for your posts!

  3. Deborah

    Hi Liz: Did you know you can also mix edible glitter and/or color with "Piping Gel" and make your own colors and effects. If you email me I'll give you a recipe to make your own piping gel. BTW: March 19th-21st we're back at ASH. You have my info. in your flickr mail.

  4. Anonymous

    I am so glad you posted the link because I.MUST.GET.SOME!

    Jill FCS

  5. I hope it drys without tackiness. I tried the Wilton Sparkle Gel and it was a mess of tackiness. No matter how long I waited, the cookies stuck to the bags! The Wilton brand was only good for sticking colored sugars and nonpareils to dry icing. But I tried to use it to glue sunny seed noses on Rudolphs, the noses came off and stuck to the bags! I so hope this brand dries well. Will try piping gel too. Thanks Deborah

  6. Anonymous

    I also tried Wilton's Gel's and it doesn't dry. I own all the colors and I would like to know if anyone has a solution for using this stuff so my money isn't wasted. It is nice to know about another brand but I am stuck with Wilton's…. 🙁 Thank you. Jinnee Parr

  7. These sparkling cookies are looking so great. I am dying to give them a try for my sister’s bridal shower. Thanks a ton for inspiration my friend. I will be hosting a mermaid bridal shower for her at one of the best seaside event venues in Los Angeles.

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