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Extra, Extra!!! Read all about it!

The fabulous Cake Masters magazine’s latest and greatest publication is out and guess what?!  It is a special COOKIE EDITION!  How cool is that?  It is chock full of amazing features, interviews, pictures, recipes, even a tutorial by SweetAmbs!  The cookiers featured are Marielle of De Koekenbakkers, Julia Usher, Marian of Sweetopia, Joanna of The Biscuit Box, Melissa of The Baked Equation, Kim of Sugar Rush Custom Cookies, Tracy of Whisked Away Cookies, and Hannah of Made With Love by Me along with caker features of Peggy Does Cake and Couture Cakes by Rose.


Did I mention I’m in there too?  My kids were pretty impressed.

So, Rosie so sweetly sent me an extra copy to giveaway!  All you have to do is enter below through the handy dandy rafflecopter widget below.  There are several ways to enter and they are easy peasy.  Anyone can enter, all I ask is that you are human, like cookies, and live on planet earth… I’m kinda picky like that.

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Good luck!

If you don’t win and want to order your own copy of Cake Masters here is a link to get your very own shiny, glossy magazine.

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  1. Your cooky art is beautific &
    your humor is terrific!

    Faith Dawes Personett

  2. cookies as art…i want to start 🙂

  3. Maybe you are fishing for this one, but…..
    Arty McGoo, we love you!

    Or as I usually sing it to the tune of They Might be Giants' song Triangle Man..
    Arty McGoo, Arty Mcgoo, everybody loves Arty McGoo!

  4. There once was a girl who made cookies,
    Sometimes they looked like wookies!
    Her work is so fine
    I lose my mind,
    And come back every day for more lookies!

  5. I'm not entering the contest. Just wanted to congratulate you and all the other very talented bakers who are featured in this *Cookie* issue of Cake Masters.

    I've been wishing for years that someone would create a magazine that was totally dedicated to home-made, hand-decorated cookies and their artisans. Maybe this Cake Masters feature issue on Cookies will give those with the means to run with this idea. Here's hoping.

  6. En este mundo
    hay solo una persona coqueta
    que pinta galletas como obras de arte
    se llama Arty McGoo
    y esa eres tú!

  7. I've got to win, so I can grin!!!
    Corny. I know but I would truly love a copy of the mag.

  8. How could they not have you in there???

  9. I love all the beautiful cookies
    decorated by Liz… 😀


  10. I can't make rhythm… but I really love your creations! Just ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡!

  11. I love your cookies.. had never heard of this magazine..Wonder if it is available in Canada?
    I see the lavender ones I pinned 🙂

  12. You asked me for a comment that rhymes,
    If that is a bad comment, will that be a crime? 😛 😀

  13. I'm such a fan of your cookies and your style! And I'm such a fan of the other talented cookiers being featured! Congrats on the article!


  14. Roses are red, violets are blue. Your cookies are just as awesome as you! 😉

  15. decorating cookies are so much fun!
    cant wait til mine are done!

    wish i would be the winner
    it would make me much thinner!

    (u didnt say anything about the rhyme making any sense, did ya?)

  16. I rubbed my tummy and patted my head.
    This is one of the best cookie blogs I have ever read.

    I "LIKED" your page many moons ago.
    What exciting things you will have next? I'd LOVE to know!!!

  17. Congrats on the feature article! We should have a dedicated Cookie Magazine here in the States!
    Best wishes,

  18. Those cookies look delicious, and not too pernicious.
    dmpinfl AT yahoo DOT com

  19. Pick me and I'll be so happy
    Might make something sweet for my pappy.

  20. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm not surprised though, you're extremely talented. I'm amazed you don't have your own book. I picture it as one of those art books people display on their coffee tables.

  21. As my first comment didn't contain a rhyme, here's another one 🙂
    If I would win this cookie edition,
    it would help me complete my decorating mission.

  22. Best terms and conditions that Ive seen ever! I love cookies always and forever!!

    1. Congratulations on the magazine publication by the way! You are so talented and are such an inspiration!

  23. freshly baked cookies and creativity too,
    some "ingredients" needed to be just like you!

    Congratulations on being featured in the magazine!

  24. Oh my, oh my, will this awesome prize be mine?

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

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