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Extra! Extra! New Arty Merch!

I’m VERY excited to announce that we have BRAND NEW Arty McGoo products in my shop! Since each one is kind of like one of my “children”, I’d like to introduce you to each one!

First, and maybe my favorite (am I allowed to say that?) are these adorable, McGoo blue silicone spatulas! They come in 2 sizes: large…perfect for getting that dough or icing out of your bowl, and small…the perfect size for mixing your icing colors. No cookie kitchen is complete without one! For all of the details, click here.

Aren’t they the cutest?

Next, let me introduce what I like to lovingly call the “Cookie Enabler Kit” This cute little baby toolbox includes everything you need to start decorating now…except the icing. (That would be messy.) In it you will find: 6 seamless, stainless steel decorating tips (101, 101s, 80 ruffle tip, 2, and two 1’s), 1 ring and coupler to easily switch out tips, and 10 decorating bags that can be used with or without tips. It’s perfect if you’re just beginning your cookie journey, or as a gift for someone you are trying to lure into the cookie world! Click here to get yours.

Baby toolboxes are fun!

And speaking of those 10 decorating bags, we also have them in packs of 100! Tipless bags offer the ultimate in convenience when decorating. Just cut the size opening you need, from teeny-tiny “micropiping” to “Let’s flood this fast” ginormous, and you’re ready to go. You can tie a knot or use a closure to keep things tidy while you decorate. These bags are a traditional 8″x12″ size and easy to handle. And the best news: each package of 100 is only $4. To order, click here.

I’m so excited about these!

And if you just can’t let go of your tips (I still love me some tips!) there is now an “essentials” collection of tips available in the shop. They come in various sizes: 1, 2, 101, 101s, and 80 (aka: “ruffle”). They are stainless steel, for those of you who like to be able to soak your tips, and SEAMLESS, for all of us….because your icing is less likely to curl as you’re piping! Each one is etched with the Arty McGoo logo and the size. How cool is that? If this group shot isn’t enough for you, you can see more pictures of these kids here.


And since my least favorite thing about tips is cleaning them, I am pleased to introduce you to this! This handy dandy dual-ended brush will have your decorating tips cleaned out in a jiffy. Stubborn icing or greasy residue is no challenge for this dynamo. And bonus…it comes in a two pack…like twins! Get your own set of twins here.

They’re identical!

And now…the Arty McGoo Flower nail! Size matters when it comes to flower nails, and this one has the right dimensions for creating perfectly petite flowers. The stem is ribbed and longer to aid in control as you swirl and twirl your way to a beautiful bouquet. Get all the deets here.

See? It’s ribbed…for your flower-making pleasure.

And last, but certainly not least, are my coupler and ring. Couplers and rings allow for a quick change of decorating tips. It’s like those magicians who change their clothes in seconds! You can go from a round tip to a leaf tip; a ruffle tip to a star tip in a flash! Confetti and sound effects not included, but totally encouraged! You get both for the amazingly low price of FIFTY CENTS! Golly gee willikers, the  Arty McGoo website is like shopping a discount store…only cleaner…and prettier.

My couplers & rings work with Wilton, PME, and Arty McGoo tips!

So there you have it, the latest in the Arty McGoo lineup! I hope you enjoyed learning about each one. Happy cookie decorating…and have a delicious day!

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