Expert Lab with The Cookie Artisan

One of my favorite parts of doing the McGoo U series are the people that come to cookie with me.  For October, Maryann Rollins of The Cookie Artisan joined me for our very first filming and I can’t tell you enough about how she helped me pull everything together.  If she wasn’t arranging set decorations, she was over at the sink, washing out tips.  She has energy for days and is constantly using it to help others.  She is amazing and I absolutely adore her.  

She is here today to write a guest post and to let you know what you will need to follow along to make her BOO-tiful tombstone cookies!  She shows us how in the October Expert Lab.  They were so fun to make and I love how they turned out!  I know you will too!

{Find the tutorial for Maryann’s Tombstones through the link above to McGoo U Online in the Expert Lab segment.}

  Maryann Rollins - The Cookie Artisan
Maryann Rollins – The Cookie Artisan

Maryann Rollins:

Thank you Arty for inviting me to be your first guest!  What fun we had!!!  Especially filming our scary skit!  I swear there should be a blooper reel from it!  Especially with that misbehaving smoke machine and it’s random emissions that ruined many takes!  We laughed so hard, especially when we could barely see each other for the smoke!!  Too fun!   

THANK YOU for teaching me to make the moon faced cookie I have admired for so long!  I now can check another thing off my bucket list!   I’m so proud of what you and Mr. John have created!!!!!  You’ve put your heart and soul into this project and it shows!  The attention to detail, the cute music here and there – and those hash tags………..  so many little things to notice!!  I wish you the best of success as you take McGoo U to the next level!!!!  You have inspired so many of us and now you’re showing us how to work your magic!  Do I hear Food Network knocking?????  I sure hope so!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for just being YOU!!!!

Here is what you’ll need to make my tombstone cookies.  


Tombstone cutters: Wilton

Maryann plaque cutter (used for McGoo Cemetery and Arty’s “I’m a Goner” cookie is from Whisked Away Cutters  at

Small stencil brush

Small Script brush

Amerigel Colors:

Super Black to make gray

Gold and Egg yellow to make light brown 

Mint green for moss

Chocolate brown for vines 

Tulip red and orange for berries

 1.        Base coat your cookie gray, adding layers of details to create dimension and structures commonly seen on tombstones and allow to dry thoroughly.  

2.       To achieve granite texture, using a stenciling brush, generously stipple with gray icing all over the cookie to create texture, dipping the brush in a bit of straight black coloring  to create shading.  Allow to dry.  

3.       Using a script brush dipped in black color, paint lettering on your tombstones. 

4.       To create moss, mix a goldish color using gold and egg yellow.  Place a drop of Amerigel Mint Green next to gold icing and dip brush laden with gold icing in the mint green gel to create different shades of green.  Stipple green in scattered areas, highlighting raised details on your tombstone.  

5.       Add brown vines and finish with clusters of tiny berries – one dot of red with a small dot of orange immediately added to the red to create the look of a berry.  

You can watch the whole tutorial here.  {Free until November 1st}


Thank YOU Maryann for teaching us how to make your gorgeous tombstone cookies!  There are so many ways to personalize and have fun with this design.  Look at this insanely gorgeous scene she made with her tombstones!

  Maryann Rollins - The Cookie Artisan
Maryann Rollins – The Cookie Artisan

I love all the different details on the tombstones.  Look at those finials!

  Maryann Rollins - The Cookie Artisan      Fabulous new tombstone cutters from  Whisked Away Cutters
Maryann Rollins – The Cookie Artisan      Fabulous new tombstone cutters from Whisked Away Cutters

I hope you have a hauntingly good time making these beautiful cookies!

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