Day 9: Amazing Race

I woke up this morning to the smell of eggs and sausage, pumpkin oat muffins and papaya and lime. Aunt Connie completely spoiled us with a delicious start to our day. The kids woke up early for kitten catching as promised. After breakfast the kids and Uncle Gary played fetch with their black lab KC. The kids could have stayed there all day and been perfectly happy, but we had a destination from our newest envelope.

We were to go to a red landmark by the sea that was celebrating its 75th birthday. After a google search the kids decided we needed to go to the Golden Gate Bridge. We said our farewells to Aunt Connie and Uncle Gary and headed the 2 hours to San Francisco { without a kitten, though Bailey did name the orange tabby Mr. Creamsicle }.

We got to the Golden Gate and opened our challenge. We were to walk the bridge and back. The kids were a little nervous at first. It is a suspension bridge so it moves a bit and would especially shake when a big truck would drive by. It was 1.7 miles one way so it took awhile.


It was so windy! I started out the walk with a hat on, but seeing the assortment of hats along the side of the ledge, I decided I wanted to keep my hat and took it off. After getting back from the bridge walk, we got another challenge. We needed to drive down the curviest street in the world : Lombard St.! The streets in San Francisco are so crazy and the kids loved tightly winding our way down the tiny street. We tried to imagine what it would be like to live there, throw a party, or move in there.

After the treacherous drive, our next clue told us to get some seafood for lunch and gave the address to our hotel for that evening and told us to enjoy the city for a while.

We did! Mr. John taught Denver how to eat crab…

We saw all kinds of cool things…

We took pictures…

We snuggled…

We went to Ghiradelli Square…

And we saw the colorful and tall houses around Alamo Park…

Now we are settled in our hotel room. I have fallen asleep about 5 times while writing this post. I think that is my clue to go to sleep! Goodnight!

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  1. Rowaida

    It is a great pleasure following your race Liz. Best wishes to you and your lovely family. Gorgeous pics! Blessings xo

  2. Susie

    so Alamo Park looks like the neighborhood where my daughters favorite show was based, way back when she was in grade school! Something with the Olsen twins. I told her she single handedly kept that show running in reruns for years, obsessed! As soon as I show her this, SF will be on her bucket list! I am so enjoying your vacation!

  3. Vtay

    No kitten???? How could you say no to orange dreamsicle?

    I love San Fransisco!!! (they have the best coffee place in the world, Blue Bottle Coffee).

    I can imagine there were some tired kiddos after that wallk……..and it looked cold, was it? or just windy? These are some of the best pictures of the trip and I thought of our own Anne when I saw the beautiful houses……….

    I sense this trip is coming to an end??? What will I do??

  4. Audrey

    My family and I were just at Ghirardelli yesterday too! Thanks for sharing your vacation with us! It looks like you all are having a blast.

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