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Day 6: Amazing Race

We got the day started with a clue that sent us to a chicken ranch. It said they needed to do whatever Farmer Hatch needed us to do to help out. We found the Ranch and met Farmer Hatch {that is really his name}. He said most of the feeding of the chicks was automated, but they had a feed line that was down and the chicks in that barn needed to be fed manually every day. The kids got buckets and filled them with organic feed and got to work. There were 2800 10 days old chicks in the barn we went into with the broken feed line. They were adorable! The barns are kept at a toasty 92 degrees while the babies mature

The kids filled the food bins for the babies and then held some of them. We learned that these chickens are free range and in a couple of weeks will be old enough to run around outside. Eventually these chicks are bound for Whole Foods. After cuddling with the fluffy chicks, the kids decided to never eat chicken again. We’ll see how long that lasts. I know their self imposed chicken free diet will be over before this vacation ends.

After feeding the little guys, Farmer Hatch gave them their next envelope and the clue led us to Fresno where we would head to the Grizzlies {the triple-A Affiliate of the SF Giants} baseball stadium. First we went to an crazy pizza place called John’s Incredible Pizza Co. It’s all you can eat and the toppings are what makes it incredible. You may have heard of buffalo chicken pizza, or even cheeseburger pizza (with pickles!) but have you ever tried Mac and cheese pizza or spicy peanut butter pizza? We stuffed ourselves silly and decided to check out the arcade. We thought, “what could promote family unity?” and the answer of course was shooting lazers at each other! We each got a vest and a gun and once we were given the instructions and found out we were supposed to shoot each other for points in a blacklit room, my sweet 6 year old baby boy said,”it’s on like Donkey Kong!”

After we were done virtually killing each other, we headed out to the stadium. The clue said one of the kids would have to do something at the game. The kids decided Denver would perform the task since he plays baseball. We drove the 1/2 hour to The stadium and found a man named Matt. He told Denver he would be throwing out the first pitch! and he gave him a baseball. Mr. John and Denver headed down to the dugout and hung out with the mascot, a yellow bear named Parker.

When it was time Denver walked out to the mound and they announced “Denver Adams is here with his family who are on an Amazing Race vacation!” and they flashed our AR logo up on the screen. Bailey, Sage, and I were screaming like crazy. Denver pitched the ball with perfect aim and great speed. We were so proud! He got his ball signed by the catcher and we all went to our seats and enjoyed the game.

Evidence that snow cones were consumed.

After the game an envelope was opened and we headed to Merced to my Aunt Suzette and Uncle Matt’s house. It was about 9:30 when we got there and it smelled heavenly. My aunt who claims she doesn’t bake was in the middle of baking banana bread and a batch of chocolate chip cookies. As if that wasn’t enough to make the kids want to move in, she suggested the kids go for a swim and then she and Uncle Matt set up a little bonfire so the kids could warm up after. My cousin Randee swam with the kids and Mr. John and I were able to just sit for a bit. We have had a ton of fun on this vacation, but relaxing has been something we didn’t schedule in {something to think about next time} so it was greatly appreciated.

Driving and allergies caught up with Mr. John and he headed to bed early while the kids and I stayed up much too late, chatting away into the morning. It is too much fun being with family!


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  1. How fun! Great pics 🙂 My kids barely eat meat as it is, it might be best for us to avoid farms for a little while longer then… (plus hubs is vegetarian, which already complicates meal time a bit)

  2. An insight on the famous tv show The Amazing Race that features many people working against each other to get to the finish line before time.

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