Day 3: Amazing Race

This morning began as the two before. Blaring AR theme song, kids waking up excited to get the day of adventures started. After a quick breakfast it was time to open the clue envelope. At the stroke of 9:00 the kids opened and read: go to the “land” of over 1 million plastic bricks. The kids very quickly came to the conclusion that we would head to Legoland.

We packed up our stuff and the kids were worried that this was our last day of adventures. That is how in the dark they are. They have no idea how many clues, or even how many days we have left. Whenever they ask us how many days left or when they will go swimming next we say, “do the contestants on AR know where they’re going or how long they will be someplace?” it has been an interesting lesson in parental trust for them.


It was a quick 15 minute drive to Legoland where they got to open the next envelope. It was a fast forward where they got to choose to either count all the Legos in the statue of liberty or go down 3 slides in the Legoland waterpark… They chose waterpark and we quickly changed into our swimsuits in the car, probably flashing a couple of people in the process.

It was a beautiful day for splashing down the slides. We were a little worried that some of the slides would be too scary, but they ended up being the perfect level of thrill for our kids. There was some coaxing for Denver on a couple of slides, but all of the kids ended up going down every single slide in the park at least once. We came out slightly pinker, slightly pruny, and very tired. On the way out the girls wanted to ride the Dinocoaster so they waited in line while Denver dug for Dino bones close by. Mr John and I were in between the two attractions keeping an eye on all.

The swimsuited girls came out of the line and said, “they won’t let us ride without shorts!” I didn’t want them to miss out on their last ride of the day, so I took off my shorts and put them on Bailey and tried my best to tie them to her little waist. For Sage I fashioned a skirt for her with their two t-shirts tied together. They ran off again and screamed the whole ride in their newly fashioned outfits. They really wanted to wear them for the rest of the day. Just look at their faces 😀

After the day in the park we were starving and went to an insanely packed and bustling pizza place in Carlsbad called Pizza Port. It was just the thing for post waterslides.

Carlsbad was such a cute little town and we couldn’t resist stepping into the shop on the corner called Chocolate Bar and picking out one decadent treat each. I got a caramel creme brûlée truffle, Mr. John a ginormous dark chocolate peanut butter cup, while the kids got assorted marshmallow delights with sprinkles.

FYI: yes, this is the official uniform for our vacation! I am loving it as I don’t even have to think about what to wear each day. Flip flops: check! AR t-shirt: check! Getting everyone out the door every morning has been a breeze. And I know you’re wondering… No, we don’t smell bad. We are doing laundry.

After enjoying dessert we followed the directions from our clue to Pasadena where we are now sleeping very soundly {except for me, but I assure you I will join them in 5 seconds!} at our lovely friends’ house, the Lees. Our next clue will be opened at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

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  1. Vtay

    How I loved today's post, Liz. The T-shirt shorts – brilliant! You dont seem to be frazzled by anything and your kids will remember that – what fun it is to go on this adventure with you! And wowzers with the after swimming hair – it was so lush and curly! Jealous.


  2. Paula

    I've been following your family along your race route and enjoying all of your adventures. I can't imagine the work and thought that went into creating this Amazing Race for your kids to enjoy. It will certainly be a vacation they will remember for the ages.

    P.S. love the ad hoc outfits you created so the girls could enjoy the ride.

  3. Anonymous

    we don't want this trip to stop …!
    we are following your family from france each day : it's working time here but it seems like we are part of your race in california , sort of "far-away-blog-followers"
    thank you for giving us this virtual vacation !

    1. Arty McGoo

      The kids were so excited to hear about you following from France! How amazing to connect virtually with you! Thank you Yvette

  4. Susie

    My college kids are SO jealous! They are following along with me….and holy moly, I am going to Carlsbad just to eat at the Pizza Pot, that looks insane! Safe travels….

  5. Heather Bordan

    Love it! Liz, the face on Sage is priceless. But how handy of you to pull that together so quick! But of corse I would expect nothing less from you! 😉

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