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CookieCon Calendar Artist: Megan Pott

Megan Pott (Sweet Baketique and Sweetleigh Printed) is the CookieCon calendar artist for September! As you can see, her wood planks are PERFECTION! We asked her to tell us what inspired her design choice and here’s what she had to say…

I have to say, September stumped me creatively at first. Did I go the “Back to School” route? The apple route? Then I was at our farmer’s market one night and came across a local artist who was selling hand painted wooden signs. She was using reclaimed wood from our local barns and farm fence lines, and you could see all the beautiful grain and texture. I instantly knew I wanted to try and recreate that in a cookie. Even though Autumn is so brief in the Central Valley, the colors of our vineyards and agricultural lands are so beautiful in that moment of time. I wanted to incorporate those tones in with florals and leaves but not overpower my initial idea of the wood background. Hopefully I was able to capture just a small part of my area of life in cookie form.

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  1. Mary Cornell

    Your cookies are beautiful. Here’s my first batch of plank cookies done in the traditional orange and black Harley Davidson colors. I love the look and I introduced my friends to Arty’s chocolate chipotle recipe. It was very popular very quickly. Has become my favorite recipe.

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