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CookieCon Calendar Artist: Karine Lemonnier

Arty: I always enjoy spending time with Karine. She has a charming accent that I love, but it’s her positive and happy vibe that radiates from her that I love most, not to mention she is unbelievably talented. I met Karine many Cons ago and I’m not exactly sure which year it started, but we have a tradition. We saw each other at CookieCon and she said, “We need to get a new picture together because last year we looked too happy. So I want to get a normal picture.” Ha ha! So now at each CookieCon we take 2 pictures: One “normal” and one “too happy” selfie!

When Mike contacted me to be part of this special project, I immediately asked for December, because I LOVE Christmas! My first idea was to make a scene of Santa’s Workshop with all his little helpers, but it quickly became obvious that there were too many details in my plan as I was sketching it. I decided to display all of my Christmas cookie cutters (believe me, I have too many!) and I wanted to use some cutters that I’ve owned forever and never used, like the Christmas tree in pieces and the small letters. Also, I don’t use tiny cutters very often and it  was the perfect opportunity to use them to fill all the space. Finally, what a great opportunity I had not only to take part in the special calendar project, but also to design a cookie cutter for Ann Clark! Overall, it was an awesome experience. I wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Selling some of my wares at the Christmas market!

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