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Cookie Spotlight – Smashed Makeup Set

This month at McGoo U the lesson was a “smashed” makeup set. Well, my friend Susan Young went above and beyond when she made hers! She cookied an entire line of Arty McGoo products, complete with my reflection in the compact mirror. Professor McGoo hereby awards her an A+!

Susan’s vision of the  Arty McGoo cosmetic line!

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  1. Laurel Silverberg

    She most certainly deserves an A+++!!! The one really big thing I love about you Arty, is your lack of ego and pride in displaying and laying praise on someone else’s work! This shows character that is strong. confident and secure….and class…let us not forget class! Susan’s talents are mind boggling….you’all have seen nothing yet! I am so proud of you Susie Q….this made me cry!

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