CookieCon Part 2: The McGoo Challenge

Hello my lovely cookie friends, this is Kim (Arty’s assistant). I’m writing today’s post, so if you see swear words or any kind of inappropriateness, that’s me, NOT Arty! She would never allow such behavior…which is probably why I shouldn’t let her proofread this! 🙂

For the record, we have VERY good intentions when it comes to writing Cookie Con blog posts, it’s just been pretty busy around here. So we’re going to do it in installments. Today we bring you installment #2: The McGoo Challenge! We’ve talked about the McGoo Challenge in our weekly live videos on Facebook, but thought we should probably document in writing what it was, how it worked, who won, and how much fun it was!

The McGoo Challenge looked like this:

 This is the sheet of paper we handed out to all of our participants!
This is the sheet of paper we handed out to all of our participants!

This list was available at the Arty McGoo vendor booth, and was free with a purchase. As you can see, we were asking people to post lots of pictures, make new friends, get out of their comfort zones, bring me diet Coke, visit sites, and even help clean up! But the grand prize was pretty amazing and we figured we’d get a few takers. So, we sent all of the willing souls out into the Cookie Con world (and downtown Salt Lake City) to accomplish the tasks at hand. We were thrilled with the response! Everyone seemed to be having fun, I was collecting more diet Coke than I could drink, we were given beautiful, delicious cookies, and the photos people posted were AWESOME! We’ve picked some of our favorites to show you:

How fun are those? Aren’t our cookie friends cute?

We had asked a lot, and so we naively thought that very few people would be able (and/or willing) to complete the entire list. Boy, were we wrong! We had nine people complete EVERY SINGLE THING! That meant that while we wanted to let everyone win, we had to draw a random winner. And here (drumroll please) are the results:

In a 7-way tie for 3rd place we had: Lisel Powell, Karin Selinger, Jennifer Wallace, Rebekah Paredes, Cindi Turner, Laura Moffat, and Bekah Fairley

2nd place went to Joslin Humphrey, who is only 16! Look at how adorable she is! She was ON IT, and she was the very first to turn in her paper! What an impressive McGoo U student!

 Arty, Joslin, and Mr. John
Arty, Joslin, and Mr. John

And finally, 1st place went to Sarah Hallford! We are over the moon that Sarah will be joining Arty & Mr. John in Kansas City next week for the taping of McGoo U. Watch for her in upcoming episodes!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated! We loved seeing all of your photos, visiting with you at the booth, receiving your cookies, watching you get to know each other, and witnessing the cookie love. And just to be clear, I did not drink all of the diet Coke myself. I shared with Sweet Sugarbelle AND The Cookie Architect, who were extremely grateful. To see ALL of the McGoo Challenge craziness, go to Instagram & search #McGooChallenge. You’ll enjoy it; I promise.

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