Cookie Art

I had a couple of extra cookies from a project I’d just finished and I’ve been dying to try painting on cookies with food coloring.  I sent the kids to bed and tried my hand at it.  It is soooo fun!  I made these just minutes ago and the lighting is horrible, but I really wanted to document this new project!  Now off to catch up on DVR shows with Mr. John! 

Mr. John thought the subject matter was very strange and asked if he could choose what I paint on the next cookies!  

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  1. Becca Boo

    These are SO sweet!!!! Amazing detail in them! You rock.

  2. Anonymous

    WOW! Amazing, I'm so glad I came across your blog. Your work is amazing! My mother paints cakes and I know how much time and patience (frankly something I don't have) it takes to paint something so amazing. Wow, GREAT job. Amazing, incredible. Wow.
    I am left speechless and with my jaw dropped!

  3. I thought I knew all the wonderful blogs that existed.
    I was wrong; I just found yours. One of my cake decorating weakness is painting so when I see such flawless work… I am almost jealous.
    Loved your work. Loved you blog and definitely loved your style.

    Thanks for sharing.

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