Color Combination: pink & green

 Today’s post was going to be about the awesomeness of owls, but I think we all agree that owls are 100% awesome.  I completely understand and embrace this trend because most owls are cute and not like that really scary one we saw at the zoo with the milky eye and the deranged feathers that still gives the kids nightmares.  I just made these owl cookies that matched the invitations for the incredibly gorgeous and fun mama-to-be Lissa Moon’s baby shower.  I wish I took pictures at this shower, but I was so in awe of the completely hip and fun people, music, and let’s not forget the incredible cheese assortment and one of a kind art plastering the walls to distract me.

As I was gathering my owl cookie photos I realized how much I love pink and green together.  And then with my gnat-like attention span, I started thinking about all the projects I’ve done that are pink and green.  What is it about those two colors together that makes me downright happy?

These are just some of the few pink/green projects I’ve done and if my daughter’s room was clean I would have about 50 million more examples, but I digress… once again.  Anywho: owls, pink and green, that’s what highly intellectual musings are filling my head today.

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  1. Paula

    I love pink and green together two. Your shower cookies are adorable and all your pink & green projects are lovely. Congratulations to Lissa Moon! (Love her name)

  2. Your treats are always so incredible and lovely! I love pink & green together as well, and these cookies are completely adorable.

  3. Sue

    Liz, I love the wooden plank with the shower theme:) The world is your canvas, my dear! 🙂

  4. See I knew you were awesome because only the coolest of the cool people LOVE pink & green 🙂 Your owls are adorable by the way! Love them! I bet they were quite a hit at the baby shower!

  5. These are beautiful. They are perfect and the colors are fabulous. Almost makes me want to have another baby (of course at my age that would take a major miracle, but I'm just sayin'.)

  6. I was wondering if you could share how you made the owl cookies. Did you use royal icing for the whole thing or did you make the eyes out of something else?

    1. Everything is royal icing on these owls. Another option that I love for eyes is to use black sugar pearls. They are so shiny and I love to push them into the face a little. It gives great dimension.

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