Bloggy Angst

I see so many posts about how to be more organized and all these moms seem so… together… with every minute scheduled: with little tubs of pre-cut fruit chilling for when the kids get home from school, their clothes picked out for the week in advance and folded neatly in a drawer, the children nestled all snug in their forty-five degree hospital cornered sheets.  It’s incredible!

Maybe it’s my imagination or maybe it’s highly edited/stylized nonsense, but I’m typing this feeling a bit guilty that my kids didn’t have little cubes of chilled cheese to come home to and I have no idea what outfits my kids will be sporting tomorrow… I’m just hoping their hair will be brushed and that their socks match for a couple of weeks longer.

There is so much inspiration out there about how to live a better, more resourceful, fulfilled, artful, _______ fill-in-the-blank life.  Sometimes it overwhelms me and makes me feel like I’m not doing enough, not organized enough (duh!), not superwoman enough.  It’s not my fellow blogger’s fault of course, it’s mine.  But it did make me realize: I don’t want to put a totally sanitized version of myself out there or make anyone think I’m doing everything perfectly or even that I am sane at all times.  I am a disorganized, procrastinating, a bit introverted person who tries her best and eats too many gummy bears.

So thank you for indulging me in my crazy, angsty moment.  I sometimes worry about how I’m coming across through my blog and what people think of me, but I have to remind myself that my blog is another creative outlet.  I can’t change my “voice” and suddenly become an expert on organizational skills.  How cool would that be though?  I’d  have a super-hero belt with label maker and paper clips at the ready.  I would label everything in sight and…

OKAY, I’m done wallowing in wishful thinking and self-doubt.  That’s just not me.  I’m going to keep admiring the fellow citizens of blogland that alphabetize their bookshelves and learn what I can from them.  I will attempt a couple of projects here and there, and be okay with the fact that I can’t choose my abilities, but I CAN cultivate new skills at my pace.

I’ll sign off with a quote from Stuart Smalley, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!”

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  1. Sue

    Oh Liz, I'm sorry for your "bloggy angst", but I'm glad you got it off your chest. I must admit that I have wondered MANY times, how all the moms of young children have time to blog at all! One of my daughters had her 4th child in April and I flew there for about 10 days…after that visit I wondered even more:)
    Your children look beautiful, healthy and HAPPY! You can't ask for more than that! The fact that you are SO artistic is the icing on the cake(or cookie in this case:)) and I'm so happy you share it with all of us! You're amazing! XO, Sue

  2. One thing I've learned in my ripe old age is to never compare myself to others. If I did, I would NEVER get out of bed. There's always someone prettier, skinnier, better mom, better athlete, whatever. I am the queen of labels and my house is insanely organized, BUT I'm sitting here in my pink pajamas at almost 1:00 in the afternoon. I haven't brushed my hair or my teeth and I've been decorating cookies all morning. I also don't feed my husband … EVER. I can promise you he would love it if I made food instead of cookies 😉 While there is always someone better in every category I can think of, I know God loves me. I know my parents are proud of me. Every single day I try to learn and grow and do better. That's about all I can ask for. Your cookies Elizabeth are BEYOND incredible. I'm incredibly jealous of your talent!

  3. Good for you for moving past the blog angst. Who cares if you don't have chilled cheese cubes or if clothes aren't laid out for the next day. Your kids are coming home to you and you are there for them to come home to. Yes doggone it, you are good enough, smart enough, and people like you AND you are the best parent for your kids!

    P.S. You are coming across just wonderfully on your blog and we appreciate so much that you chose to share your creative outlet with us.

  4. Auh, Liz! Your amazing and full of fun and your kids (I know) don't care if there is chilled cheese. Your there for them always and they love you! I feel the same too though…Maybe we were raised in the same home? We all have "angsty" days. When you acknowledge and move forward success is met! Love you Sis!

  5. Seriously, you guys are the best! I know everybody has those days where you just feel a little down and it helps so much to know that people care about you and are cheering you on. I truly appreciate your words of encouragement. I got a little teary eyed reading these posts because I'm a total crybaby, but just know it meant a lot to hear from such wonderful ladies! 😀 I know I'm blessed beyond what I can even count!

  6. I seriously have been bawling all day. the final straw was, well, a straw. After the crappiest day, I got a diet coke FINALLY and when I inserted my straw, it went sideways and busted the side. I broke the best cookie from my latest set in half today. I burned all my yellow melting chocolate and there is no more within a 100 mile radius, so I have to order some and pay $25 dollars for it because I need it.My daughter pooped in her pants {which NEVER happens} I got stuck babysitting my neighbor's kids and left their carseats on the porch which of course is the first time it has rained in MONTHS, literally, and I don't feed my family nearly wnough. Lots of times I make grilled cheeses and trick them into thinking I am supermom by letting the choose what cutter to cut it with…then I eat the scraps. Oh yes, and my husband is a jerk maybe once every six months, but this is the time he picks… Don't ever compare yourself. There are lots of days that I can barely keep my head above water, and that blog is the only thing that keeps me hanging on! I admire you no matter how many gummy bears you eat. Keep on bloggin! Im readin!

  7. 😀 Oh Callye, you just made my month! You inspire me in countless ways, but the best thing about you is how sincere and real you are. I'm sorry for your disaster of a day today. I so wish I could swing by with a diet coke (with functional straw of course), some yellow melting chocolate, and a bucket of chicken for the fam. Tomorrow will be better and I hope you thoroughly enjoyed that beautiful cookie that broke! muah!

  8. ClistyB

    you dont come across that way at all. No worries.
    I save all that organization for when my parents watch the kids for a weekend and then I come home to find that none of the prepped food or clothes I slaved over were even USED!

  9. Pamela

    This is exactly how I feel at the moment. How do they do it ALL??

    I guess it is a case of "don't sweat the small stuff" and in each of our cases the small stuff is different.

  10. Jess

    I think your blog, at least whatever I have seen, defines what a blog should be: honest, a wonderful source of entertainment, and a great source for ideas. Don't worry so much. I think we all feel that way at some point in time!

  11. I LOVE your work! And finally a normal person!!! 😉 or what I find normal! I rather have fun than organize every little thing 😉

  12. This post says a lot to me! I've been blogging for over a year and have had a cooking site for a dozen years, enjoying blogs as I found them on my own on Google.

    Then my daughter introduced me to Pinterest and I haven't nearly updated my blog ever since, because I've been feeling so inadequate – how do these people do all this? Don't even get me started about wishing to be organized.

    Recently, my hubby of well over 30 years said he could care less if I cooked! And this has always been something I did out of L.O.V.E.! He's been eating canned soup and peanut butter sandwiches of his own making (almost) since! He has back pedaled – stating he meant that so I didn't need to feel pressured into cooking all the time.

    Just venting! Fortunately, I don't make cookies… so I don't feel any less from enjoying yours than I would looking at a Monet or Rembrandt :-). I can just drop by and feel insprired for a love of art within a VERY FUN medium.

    I love your site, and now I love YOU for not being someone you are not.

    Bless you!

    Sharon Anne @

    P.S. When I get out of my own funk, I'll get back to posting again, until then thank YOU for following me. I can't tell you how tickled I was to see your icon!

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