Arty’s 12 Days After Christmas: Day 5!

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Day 5 Prize:

Bakers of all kinds will fall in love with this fabulous DoughEZ rolling system.  I’ve used it for cookies, cinnamon rolls, and pie crusts (look at the handy sizing guides on the mat!) and there are countless other clever uses from cake pop making and fondant rolling that will simplify your whole process!  The mat also comes with guides for different thickness that take out any guesswork and result in perfectly even cookies and crusts.  The mat itself means your dough will stay in one spot as you roll it out and you don’t need extra flour resulting in a more tender bite to your baked goods.  The best part? not flouring your counter means a WAY tidier kitchen!

There are so many great videos and ideas on their website: Check them out here and see it in action!  

Along with this awesome prize you will also win prizes from Day 1 – 4:

Good luck!  

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