The schools in our district all picked different weeks for Teacher Appreciation Week, so there have been several of them staggered at the schools in the area. Lots of appreciation going on! The lovely Beth had me make these cookies for her son’s favorite teachers (4 of them!). I wrote A+ on the tops of their papers. They definitely deserve it. I volunteer for my own kid’s classes once a week and it amazes me how TIRED I am at the end of the day. We LOVE our teachers!

In other appreciation news: Mr. John is being featured as a Superstar Husband! AmberLee of Giverslog has a feature called “Give That Man A Hand” and it celebrates men in particular, who give of themselves to the people they love. Sometimes people get down on men and these are such refreshingly positive articles to read. It immediately made me think of Mr. John, so I shared a journal entry I had written about something he did for me that was extraordinary. Go check out Mr. John’s story HERE and the rest of the incredibly talented AmberLee’s blog.  She is truly a sweetheart!

I’ve also LOVED reading all the comments and entries for the Jewel Kade giveaway!  I so appreciate all of you who take the time to comment.  Every time I get a comment it makes my day.  I can’t wait to see who wins!

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