ADTE: Day 5

We woke up today very well rested. We had to wake the kids up at 8:30 in their comfy warm beds that we were borrowing from our friends, the Burrows. It started pouring rain and after about 45 minutes, stopped completely. It’s crazy how fast the weather changes here! We were planning on going to the Negro League Hall of Fame and then go to the Royals vs A’s game at Kaufman Field, but we found out the first pitch was at 1:00 and not a night game like we assumed. We ate our leftover pizza for breakfast and got over to the stadium.

We were in Kansas City, Kansas and the game was in Kansas City, Missouri… It was a little corn-fusing and fascinating to me to have 2 consecutive border cities with the same name. Crazy!

Mr. John’s friend Chris (who works for the Royals) got us all tickets and they were beautifully situated in the shade. I’m not gonna lie… its pretty dang humid and shade + a little breeze makes a huge difference. During an inning break a cameraman came down to our seats to put us up on the crown-vision jumbotron. It’s always hilarious to see the kid’s reactions to seeing themselves up on that huge screen and since Mr. John works with sports teams, he has a lot of friends in the production booths at stadiums who like to show him (and us) up on the board. I guess we better get used to seeing our heads 20 feet tall!

It was a great game in a beautiful stadium and we got to say hi to our friend Chris after the game. After the game we met up with the Burrows (Brad, Tracie, Briley, and Brayden) and Howie, a longtime friend at an incredible BBQ place called Arthur Bryant’s. After stuffing myself with a delicious pulled pork sandwich, I got to snuggle Charlie (Howie’s 3 month old son) and chat with sweet Betsy, his 3 year old daughter.

Brad took all the kids to his production studio where he showed them the sound booth and green screen, and he even has an amazing kitchen studio set-up to make cooking shows! Sooo cool! (Check it out at Real Media). Then we watched the kids swim for awhile before some ice cream and bed. The kids got along famously. They loved everything about our visit and would have loved to take Wilson, the dog on the rest of our trip… Or just be adopted by Brad and Tracie.

It was great to sit with Brad and Tracie and share laughs and ideas with such an inspiring couple and we hope we can return the favor someday and host them out in California.


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  1. What a wonderful experience for everyone..memories to last a lifetime.
    Good for you!
    Time is the best thing you can spend on your children..

  2. Anonymous

    I am really enjoying all of the wonderful things that are happening with your family. New friends, new adventures! We spent a few days in St. Louis and found wonderful BBQ, also. Great BBQ there! and…hot and humid…Can't wait to see you in NYS and hopefully, our rain will stop! ~~Katpilato

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