ADTE: Day 4

We were sad to leave Denver this morning but have a feeling we will come back and explore it again some day. Today was the never ending drive across Kansas. We drove more on our first day, but somehow this drive seemed longer. There weren’t many landscape changes, so what looked beautiful at the start of the drive with the endless fields of gold, started getting old by about 2 hours. Field fatigue set in and then the wind started blowing and gusting our van which made Mr. John very anxious. It was hours and hours of being pushed around by the wind and no rest areas when we needed them, leading to several “breaks” in the middle of nowhere.

We stopped for malts and continued the never ending drive. Along the way there was a museum and hall of fame for everything. Greyhound Hall of Fame? The 5-legged cow, the largest prairie dog… The signs were pretty entertaining.

Then suddenly towns and cities started sprouting up and trees and hills and it was beautiful to see some different topography. The car was running on fumes and so were we when we finally pulled off in Overland Park at 8:30. We saw a pizza place called Minsky’s and it was the best pizza in the universe. I don’t know if it was because we were starving, but I think it would be amazing even if we weren’t. We had tostada pizza and spicy Thai and it was incredible.

After inhaling the pizza, we were so incredibly glad to know we didn’t have to set up the camper. Our friends the Burrows so nicely invited us to stay in their gorgeous home. We get to be in air conditioning, our showers don’t cost a quarter, and the bed seriously feels like sleeping on a cloud. And as I type our clothes are spinning in their washing machine. Ahhhh, I will sleep well tonight!


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  1. Jan J.

    I am so loving your trip! We don't get to travel so I always love a vicarious trip through others and getting to see other places. This is such a great thing you are doing with your kids!

  2. Vtay

    I am enjoying your journey….got caught up today. Being from Nebraska…I took many, many of those "field of nightmares" drives during my youth! I always wondered how the pioneers felt going across all that endless land (although it wasn't fields then, it must have still gone on forever).

    Congrats to mr john on getting the ball and it was fun seeing you all on the jumbotron!

    Can't wait to see tomorrow!


  3. Paula

    I don't know where you are finding the time and the energy to write these posts but I'm enjoying tagging along on your wonderful vacation. Your husband must have had a hoot at the ballgame and his card playing at the grave site of Doc Holliday was hilarious (earlier post).
    Hope the camper has not more part issues and wishing you continued fun and adventure on this vacation.

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